Saturday, September 22, 2012

Little Miss Muffin Surprise Cutter Pets....

My collection of cookie cutters has been growing....I look for them all over in my travels these day...

While travelling around blogland this summer other cookie bakers peeked my interest with these little Miss Muffin My Surprise Pets.  They are from Toys R Us and you can buy yours too at their online site Toys R Us online.  They are only 98 cents each.
They come in this adorable little foil bag never know which one you'll get.  Some of the other ladies purchased lots and lots of them so they could get the whole set of 12!

I refrained, for a while....but in the end I gave in and purchased 10 of them.

Out of the 10 I had 6 different ones and 4 were alike.  I will give them to Madeline to start HER collection of cookie cutters.

Each package comes with a cookie cutter and a little recipe card.

The little stuffies came snuggled in the cookie cutter and when you remove them they have a little loop so they could be tied to something.  I didn't get that picture.  Cute eh?

  Now I will bake some cookies and try to decorate them like the little stuffie in them.


Theresa said...

Oh how cute! Can't wait to see those cookies:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

SmilingSally said...

I can see that you'll be plenty busy with these new cookie cutters.

At one time, I had a box with 36 different ones, but I gave them away as I never got inspired. (I'm much lazier than you!)

Happy week, Judi.

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