Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lalaloopsy Decorated Sugar Cookies

This week it has been my obsession...mission to bake decorate Lalaloopsy sugar cookies.  I found a wonderful tutorial online by MontrealConfections.  I have posted on Facebook some of the pictures but wanted to share here with you!

Do you know about them?  They are rag dolls that became alive and though I haven't seen them on TV they are giggly and happy and certainly very cute.
Here then is my decorated "Crumb Sugar Cookie".  Cute? 
 She is on a stick, with a little skirt and sitting in jelly beans.  
I packaged her up and she went to a very happy home today..
The 2nd one I made started like this.  Sadly I did not take the picture of her when her head flew on the floor during my photoshoot.  All I could do was *sigh* and....have a cookie break...

This is another "Crumb Sugar Cookie" this time in her entire self and I do adore her laced up runners.  She is 7" tall and about 4" wide.
I think she's going to be at my Sweetcreationsbyjudi Shop soon.
Do you know about them?  Have a great day.... Judi xoxo


Georgia said...

Judi: Absolutely over the top cute!!!!!!! In fact so over the top we need a new word for "cute". Love them. Georgia

Nancy McCarroll said...

They are just as cute as a button!! Darling!

Theresa said...

Precious! I know about these dollies and have a few scattered around my house:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

pchickki said...

These are just adorable!
My great granddaughter would love them!

jeanne said...

Hi Judi, Your creations are always so darling. I know they taste great too.

We have been out of town for 9 days and we leave for home tomorrow.

Happy days to you and yours,
xo, Jeanne

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