Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Blue Monday - Kindergarden Celebration BLUE Cupcakes

I am joining Blue Monday with SmilingSally today.  Be sure to click back to her blog and visit all the other.
This weekend we "celebrated" that Jack is in kindergarden!  He and his brother Reed and Janet and Ryan were over at Rockledge Cottage for dinner.
 I baked red velvet cupcakes and decorated them with BLUE icing.  I downloaded  cupcake toppers and wrappers for the cupcakes.  There are little school buses, crayons and all kinds of other school pictures on them.
See the BLUE faces enjoying the cupcakes?  It was fun watching Reed eating them.  Pretty serious business.
Then the boys were busy coloring. 
 Reed has a big sweet smile wearing his blue jammies and sucking on that blue plug! 
Happy Blue Monday....Judi xoxo


Nancy McCarroll said...

Cute cupcakes and darling kids! What a good idea to wrap up the cupcakes in those cute liners; never heard of it. Will have to google cupcake wrappers!


Theresa said...

Happy Blue Monday to you! Love that sweet little one and his cupcake:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

SmilingSally said...

Wow, you even included a blue plug! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Judi.

Leah H. said...

Hmm, yummy cupcakes:)

Visiting from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh, those cupcakes look really yummy, and very professional with the toppers and wrappers. They look like they are disappearing fast! Lovely photos - Happy Blue Monday!

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

Oh those cupcakes look good -- and the wrappers and toppers make them so cute! The boys look like they are surely enjoying them!

LV said...

Cute kids enjoying a special birthday celebration in the blues.

Kim, USA said...

Those cupcakes looks yummy!!


Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Judy, "HUGS" back. Thank you for your sweet comments about our sister photo. We always love being together. We do have one brother. He lives farther away and we do not see him often. He was born right in the middle of we girls and we love him dearly. He and his wife have been married 50 plus years. We are blessed for sure.

Your party cupcakes look delicious and the photos are darling. I love the wrappers.

We are having bad storms tonight and tomorrow and then a cold spell. It was a good day to make a bog pot of veggie soup and decorate a bit for fall.

Happy days to you and yours.
Hugs Jeanne

FM said...

Yummy blue!

My blues are here and here.

pchickki said...

awww how cute!
Those little boys are darling!

Chubskulit Rose said...

His smile is very contagious!

Catching up with Blue Monday.
It would be great if you can comment on My BLUE as well. Thanks!

Julie said...

Well, happy Kindergarten to Jack! Neat cupcakes, and how cool you could download all the fun wrappers and toppers! The boys looked like they were in heaven eating them! They are adorable!

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