Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Little Catch Up and Merry Christmas *hugs*

I cannot believe that its is almost Christmas.  Homes are so beautifully decorated for the season and its awfully cold around here.  Its 19F today.  We haven't had that much snow but its Christmassy out there for sure following a snowy day yesterday.  It is pretty as long as the driving is good.

I've been baking cookies, lots of Ugly Sweater Christmas cookie orders this time of year.  I bet an ugly sweater party would be fun. Have you ever had one or been to one.  Here are some pictures to share for a weekend order.
I also baked some gingerbread houses that sit on the side of your cup.  Aren't these cute moose cups?  I found 6 of them at a thrift store this fall. 

I made a Christmas swag for my best friend Kirsti and it fit nicely on the lantern I bought for it.

We visited with them a couple of weeks ago and she was happy to receive it.  I have to make one for me now.
We visited my SIL and BIL a couple of weeks ago and spent a night at their lovely cottage.  It was one of the first weekends of snow we'd had.  It was like a winter wonderland but brrrrrrr.  I would loved to have been snowed there for a few days...*s*...

We were in Florida for 1.5 weeks in October for Reed's 3rd birthday.  Marc's daughter Janet, hubby and 2 little ones are there for 2 years with Ryan's work.  This is the cake she baked.

The birthday boy...
and his brother the lizard catcher...or whatever they are..*s*..
We got a babysitter and we went out and gave Janet and Ryan a date night... yummy dinner.
They have a big screened in pool and the boys swim like fish now.
That's a bit about what we've been up to lately.  I have thought about my friends here and visited here and there.  I have definitely been doing lots of baking orders. Baking after a full day at work makes it very busy.  These were for Movember.  Visit to see my Shop.
Madeline has grown so much.  She is now 9-1/2 years old.  Sweetness that she is.
 I wish you all a beautiful time leading up to a very Merry Christmas to you, your family and your precious friends.... Judi xoxo

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A sweet angel graces the heavens today....and we miss her....

My dear sister-in-law Janine (who is at the right in the picture with Madeline taken a few years ago, and Marc and myself) passed away today.....I know she is in God's hands and he is looking at her beautiful eyes and his love is shining on her face.  It was only 1 year ago that she became ill.

I thank everyone who prayed for her.  She was able to live throughout a beautiful summer in British Columbia.  A summer that is never this warm and sunny.  She was a very natural and inspirational and strong lady. 

She could no longer take more treatment but her tumours had quieted and she was able to live longer than the 1-4 months expected and appeared to be getting better even though that could not be possible.  She was hospitalized since this weekend and at 12:15 today she was at peace....

Janine was my brother Ken's best friend and he will miss her terribly.  I hope you'll take a moment to think of him and that he will stay strong at this difficult time.... Judi xoxo

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nature's Wedding Sweets Order....

I'm sharing a wedding order I had a couple of weeks ago.  The theme was nature with trees, deer etc. and green, brown and yellow were the colours.  With that it was all left up to me.... hmmmmmm...

The guest favours became in the form of trees....with their initials on the trunk...
I baked 11 dozen cupcakes in 5 different wedding colour coordination... in vanilla...and lemon...chocolate mocha...vanilla berry and chocolate truffle.

a  made a birch tree fondant cake with their names engraved.... 
atop a rustic wooden cupcake stand...see the cute buck and doe she had to put on top of the cake?  
sweet newly weds cutting the cake.... 
I really enjoyed being able to make some choices for the couple and I was pretty pleased at how it went with the theme......wish we could all have a treat right now...I'd share... Judi xoxo

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Summer.....I Have Been Missing in Action

Boy!  The summer is passing soooo very quickly and it feels like it has barely begun.  The weather is very nice right now but it was so rainy all the way to July and the nights have been in the 50s already for a long time!

And I haven't even had a chance to post though I have been able to make some comments.   It is has been busy and I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer.  I SHOULD have come back here to let anyone who might be wondering where I am know that I am just fine.

I had 3 weeks vacation and went back to work last week Monday.  Abby spent the 3 weeks at the Rockledge cottage and the first thing I did was get her a furcut!  If you look at the sidebar, if you haven't seen her before her Persian fur is long and rubs everyplace when she walks by.  It is so difficult to be furless around my place AND she is so hot.  Marc and I were calling her Puppy because she looked so different.  What do you think about her new look?

We got her a collar and a leash so she could go out with us.  She loves it outside!  Quite the tail she has...

I was able to finish up painting the trim in the kitchen and paint window sills my project from last year.  I loved being at the lake.
Marc had a few days off work and we drove to Salem, Mass which is a town all about witches.  See the cafe across the street? 
Lots of shops about that as well but I didn't want to learn to much about it....just passing through... :o)   
Though Marc did get this picture of me beside one....

We took a 55 minute ferry ride from Salem to Boston and spent an afternoon there.  I'd never been there before.. 
 We also drove through NY and to Kennebunkport, Maine.  We wished we had had a couple more days to explore though.  I will come back and share a little bit more about our trip with you.
But I do want to share one funny little story.  So, on the morning we were heading to Boston I put on a striped blue t-shirt and suggested Marc put his golf shirt which had similar colours.  He rolled his eyes but he did.  In Salem we were walking and another couple were way across the street and we hear him yell to us..."Good colour coordination....looking good"!  We laughed at that, because our shirts were blue stripes.
After we got off the ferry 6 hours after seeing him....we saw the couple pass us and they were going on the ship...he and Marc looked and pointed at each other and the man said "Still looking good"!  We laughed that he would even remember us.  Later on we were having a drink to cool down at the pier and we asked the waitress to take our picture.  Boy did we laugh when we saw how similar we were dressed.   We should have stood together in front of the mirror before heading out... *s*..
Do you ever dress very similary to your sweetie?....or with a friend when you go out someplace?
Have a great day....and see you again soon!   Judi xoxo

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day to 3 Special Fathers in My Life

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers today.....

I'm sure my blogging friends here are doing something special with their fathers or with their hubbies....

I think especially about my father today who isn't here with us. We love him greatly and think of him all the time.....some little incident will happen or someone will say something...and it makes me hesitate for a moment in thought and often times I'll smile at the trigger of the memory that will bring to me.

I feel that my father looks down at me just as he was doing here in this you dad...xox
 Happy Father's Day to my eldest son Geoff.  He is a wonderful father to his daughter you....
and Happy Father's Day to my Marc....a good father to his daughter and son, and to his grandchildren Jack and Reed.  Happy Father's Day honey.... love you...
Hope this is a special day for you all... Judi xoxo