Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sausage Pillow Cases - My First

Finally I made my first one....
a pillowcase!

I've seen Libby and others online making wonderful pillowcases. Some with sweet fabrics and others with embroidery.
At the quilting store I go there were young girls taking a class to learn to make these sausage pillowcases. It took me a while to figure out the instructions and I thought maybe I should have been in on those classes but once I GOT it I realized how simple it is. These are the instructions I used in the end and pictures aren't necessary.

Tomorrow I'll make the 2nd one. I have a pair of white sheets and I'm going to add a topper to the top sheet using these 2 pillow fabrics to make it a set. I can tell I have a new addiction...but I also have new idea for Christmas gifts.
Have you made YOUR first pillowcase yet? If you it won't be your last! Judi xoxo


Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how pretty! After the holidays, I'm going to learn how to make one! Great job!!!

Libby said...

BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the fabric that you used! Pretty, pink and flowers!!You did a wonderful job...and now you are hooked too!

Theresa said...

GORGEOUS! I love pillow cases! I just found some that I had bought at an estate sale a long time ago. Washed them and will be ironing them this morning. I may just have to drag out the old sewing machine for this project:) Thanks for sharing! HUGS!

Marilyn said...

Yours is so pretty. I can't do a thing like that. I can't understand the instructions and I can't sew very well. Wish I could. I have no clue what a pioneer point is either. HA Have a great weekend.

Julie said...

That is some gorgeous fabric!!! I have made regular pillow cases with wild patteren fabric, but never anything but rectangular or square...can't wait to see yours completed! I think it really can become an addiction!!! Have fun!!!

♥ Kathy said...

That looks great Judi! Way to go!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

I've never made pillowcases, however seeing that cheery pattern you chose reminds me of ones that I had as a little girl in the sixties :-)

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Good morning Judi,
I have been busy with life lately and have not had time to read blogs. I am so so sorry to hear about poor little Roanin. May he rest in Puppy Heaven peacefully. I know how hard it is to lose a loved pet.
Your pillowcase is fabulous!!! Good for you for figuring out the pattern.
I still need to read more of your blog to catch up!!!
Take care, sweetie. Drop into my blog when you can.
Love and warm hugs, Laura