Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back home...

My gosh a lot of time has passed since I was here last!  How can time go so quickly and I had to take a week break but on paper its been a long break.  Life has basically been good and there have been some challenges.  I have thought about many of my blogging friends and on occasion have been able to do some reading. 

My Etsy shop with baking has kept me busy.  I'm still working at my regular job as well so you can imagine I don't always have big breaks in the evening.

The weekends I still travel to the other side of the lake into NY state.  That relationship continues and I love everything about it so the weekends take care of themselves.

I want to share a sunset at the Lake....

and the sailboat races we watched on Thursday nights from the deck while I was on a 3-week vacation there.

I hope some of my friends find me again and that I can share and catch up on what you share.


Theresa said...

I am still here:) Happy to hear from you! Sounds like you have been busy, busy, busy! Don't stay gone so long! HUGS

Summer said...

Your little crafts are cute! Have a great week ♥