Monday, February 4, 2013

Thats the Way the Penny Rolls

Today the very last penny with its maple leaves was stamped in Canada.  Finished.  No more little coins that cost 1.6 cents each to make, jingling in your pocket or to pick up and make a wish on...  The suggestion was made by "some" for us to donate all the remaining pennies we have to charity.  While they will continue to be accepted until there are no more, the industry will be rounding off purchases either up or down a few cents accordingly.

Apparently the nickel, with our national beaver on it is the next one being evaluated.

and you know we haven't had a dollar bill around for some years...replaced by our "loonie"... everyone refers to it as a loonie because it has a loon on it.  So we don't say "do you have change for a dollar" we all say "do you have change for a loonie"..

it is actually larger than our quarter (same size as the U.S. quarter) ..well its about the size of the U.S. dollar coin in circulation..

and our $2.00 bill has been gone for years also, replaced by a "toonie"...named so because it rhymns with the loonie. 

It is the same size as the toonie. I know I've posted about our loonie and toonie before but while I am posting about the fate of our copper penny, I wanted to go through it all again...*s*...

I wonder whether the U.S. will follow suit with this?  Maybe not, at least not for a while.  Our loonies and toonies have never had an affect on your dollars and two dollars.  Oh well thats how the penny rolls I guess....have a great evening... Judi xoxo


Julie said...

I just love the loonie and toonie! My SIL has given them to us! So pretty! The maple leave penny is so pretty too! It is a sad day for you guys in this loss! It is always good to have a few maples in your pocket!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, poor little coin! I've had some of those with the maple leaf on it. I heard years ago the U.S. was going to get rid of our penny but it's still here!
Oh, I'm so glad you liked my afghan. I really don't know how long it took to make as I would crochet a few days and then I wouldn't for a while. Probably had it done in about 3 weeks with all my stopping and going! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Georgia said...

Wonderful Post, Judi. It has me singing a "loonie toonie". I guess that's maybe partly due to the "lake effect"........lots of snow and it is lovely.

Theresa said...

Oh no, not the penny! I have a huge glass jar that my Daddy gave me half full of pennies:) I enjoyed hearing about your coins:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Lynda said...

Very interesting. I did not know about all of that. Do you remember when we could buy some candies - - two for one cent. That was probably back in the 1960's - - at least.

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