Monday, December 3, 2012

First Gingerbread House for A Special Couple

I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house and from scratch.  Finally I've done just that.  Now after you make your first one of almost everything you then know how you'd do it different.  But overall I was rather pleased with this one.

I made a gingerbread lady and a gingerbread man and trees and affixed them to the house.
I bought one of those little light strings that work on battery.  If I had known I was doing that I would have made some hard candy stained windows as well.
I am baking some Christmas decorated sugar cookies tonight and packing up the house and cookies to my brother Ken and my SIL Janine.  They live in British Columbia, Canada.  I will have to pack them really well so they don't break on the way.

I made this little heart with their names on it but I just couldn't "glue" it in place.  It made me feel so very sad because as you may know Janine isn't well.  In fact, I'm going to keep the little heart here....I don't want it to perhaps break anyone's heart at some point....   Please keep prayers for Janine....

I think they'll like their little gingerbread house.  It may just brighten their day.
  Have you ever made one? 
Have a great day!...Judi xoxo


SmilingSally said...

Oh, Judi, of course they'll LOVE IT. No, I've never even tried to make a gingerbread house, although I've often thought of it. I congratulate you on your skill.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, your little gingerbread house is adorable and how sweet of you to make it for them. I know they'll love it. Keeping Janeen in my prayers.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Georgia said...

Totally sweet gift of the heart made by a Sweetheart.

Theresa said...

Oh sweet friend, I LOVE that little house! It is absolutely precious! The heart is the perfect addition, I know they will love it too! Keeping Janine and ALL of you in my prayers!

Nancy McCarroll said...

That is very ambitious, Judi, and with lovely results! Impressive!

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Judi, Your gingerbread house is adorable. I have made a few. I have the gingerbread cookie cutters and the batter recipe. It's all in a box with directions. I bought it at a yard sale many years ago. I know it will light up their lives. I pray for Janine and family in my prayers.
The heart is the perfect touch.

Wishing you happy days ahead for the Christmas holidays.


Julie said...

This is so adorable! Great job for a first try!!!

Bunny said...

Your little house is adorable. I made Martha Stewart's recipe a few times and let the kids decorate them. I just had a friend here last Saturday and their granddaughter decorated three houses to take to her sister and brother. My daughter also decorated one.. They had fun.
I will pray for your SIL . Hugs Bunny

Unknown said...

Very cute Gingerbread house!! Thanks for stopping your blog!

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