Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cupcake Teapot and Another Lamp...and Just Like Me...

I was excited when I came across a sweet cupcake teapot set before Christmas!
Which on the weekend I made it into a  cupcake teapot lamp!
I set it out to take a picture though it potentially has one of two homes to go to....
and see what is standing to the left of it...all in her winter warms, red hair and black and white puppy in arm?

a little one that my friend gave to me for Christmas.  She was made by a friend of hers and an acquaintance of mine as well  who lives by the cottage.  This is the second one she's given me.   She says they remind her of me....I guess with the red hair.  The lady who makes them is very talented for sure.

....tonight I've been making paper

Hope you have had a great week...and tomorrow is Ground Hog Day!  I think spring is around the corner..
Judi xoxo


C'est moi Claudette said...

Sweet, sweet sweet Judi.
LOVE the cupcake lamp. Good job on making it a lamp!
Yes that does look like you with the red hair. She makes them?? WOW.
Groundhog day tomorrow. I should have known that, but I forgot. I'm hoping for spring, heck it's been one mild winter thank you very much.
Still a nice white blanket on the ground. Light snow today, but nothing major. It's -2, which is mild for 11pm Feb 1st ; )
Love Ya

Julie said...

First let me you have not been making paper beads!!! Can't wait to see them, Judi!!! LOL!!!

Love your teapot lamp! It is so you! The little Christmas girl looks like you! It's true! When I first saw it I thought it must have been made to look like you! Cute as can be!!!

Theresa said...

OH MY GOSH, cute lamp:) I love that sweet little face! Have a blessed day dear Judi, HUGS!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Looking forward to seeing your paper beads and what you do with them!

Cute little cupcake lamp.

jeanne said...

Hi Judi, what a sweet teapot made into a charming lamp. How does one do that? The little redhead is so sweet with the pup. A sweet gift from a sweet friend.

I know about paper beads but I have never made them. Have fun Judi.
Happy days to you.
Hugs, Jeanne

Bunny said...

Great job on the teapot. Love it.

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