Saturday, November 12, 2011

Semi-Homemade...Called Pumpkin Love...

It was one of THOSE days know...THOSE days.  Hard to win for losing...*grinning*...
So it was a perfect excuse to bake something I saw while blogging over at SimplyDesigning.   

It was one of THOSE days continued when I came home with a can of only 19 oz of pumpkin pie filling and I needed 30 oz.

AND can you imagine the store didn't have a box of yellow cake mix???!  I couldn't. 
So I bought butter pecan instead.  It sounded like it would go quite nicely with pumpkin and spices.   I am apparently good at improvising and even weighed out 1/2 package of cake mix.
I ended up with an 8"x8" pan of yum instead of the called for 9"x13".  But it worked!

It came out of the oven looking so fine....
I could hardly wait until it cooled off to try it with a dallop of whipped cream...let me tell was soooo good. It has a wonderful spice flavour and light.  Ashley's pictures are better than mine.

I'll be up and out very early in the morning to drive to the cottage on Lake Ontario, NY side.  Marc is going to be so happy to see what I've brought...besides myself.  :o)

I think this will be shared again at Thanksgiving this year our way.
Have a wonderful weekend .....Judi xoxo


jeanne said...

Good job Judi, I have learned to improvise so much because the grocery store is 12 miles from where we live. The next best thing is my sister who lives behind me. Borrowing is always an option. Smile. The cake looks deelish!!! We mostly eat pies for Thanksgiving. All kinds and it usually turns out to be 1/2 pie each. It could be because my dad LOVED pie and my mom baked almost daily. Eight pieces of pie fed six kids and our parents so it didn't last long. Smile.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hugs, Jeanne

Theresa said...

Looks YUMMY and I bet your house smelled delicious while it was baking! Enjoy your weekend my friend, I hope you get some good rest! HUGS!

Unknown said...

...this does look tasty!
thank you for visiting and leaving a happy comment.
to answer your ?'s on my silent night/holy night pillows, i used "light fabric" tranfer sheets (found at craft stores, wal-mart, michael's) and the dreamy white fabric i used was a linen/cotton vintage sheet with a crochet lace inset. the lace was so pretty, i just had to work it in!

xo, Rosemary

Unknown said...

Great job improvising! I bet the butter pecan cake mix was delish! (I don't think I've ever even see that btw! I am going to look next time I'm in the grocery store!)

Thanks so much for stopping by and for trying, loving and blogging about my recipe!

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, you're the smartest one to compromise and use the butter pecan. I'll bet that tastes better than just the yellow mix! Yum. I'll have to try it! Now you know you'll be number 1 with Marc!! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Hi Judi,
I've even used chocolate cake mixes and it works out fine! I'm craving pumpkin treats. Made pumpkin pancakes this morning!
Deb :)

Julie said...

What a wonderful sounding combination! You are good at mixing things are a mixologist! Quilting, putting your designs together and baking/cooking! I want one of these cakes...yummm! Marc is one lucky man (I'm sure he knows that too)!!! :)
xoxo- Julie

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