Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out...Sugar Cookie Bones

We went to a friend's 60th Birthday this weekend across Lake Ontario (state's side) by the cottage. Part of the gift went perfectly with the card however I forgot to take a picture of the card before we gave it!

It was a large musical Hallmark Card with a big bulldog on the cover. When you opened the card it played and sang "Who Let the Dogs Out?...who? who? who? It was perfect for something the guys all still laugh about from years back.
I made the same sugar cookies I posted about for Janet's 30th Birthday at Valentine's. Take a look Back Here and you'll see the recipe too. Wonderful easy recipe that does not require chilling. I put on a white icing and chocolate sprinkles (no...they are not ants).
Anyway the cookie mold I used was a bone. See how perfectly it went with the card and "the" story? I slipped them into this red cookie tin and tied it with ribbon. Under the ribbon I had typed up in different fonts of "Who?" and "Woof". The birthday "Boy" loved the cookies when I'd baked them for Janet's birthday at

Wish I had a cookie to share with you....Judi xoxo



That is a very thoughtful gift! I knew they weren't ants!!!
Deb ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, you're something else! I love these little bones cookies. Now you know how I love you, but at first glance at those cookies I thought "are these ants on Judi's cookies?" :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Julie said...

You are always so thoughtful, Judi! They look so good..I want some now, girl!!!

Theresa said...

Too cute, ants:) or not ants:) I love it! Have a blessed day dear Judi! HUGS!

Marilyn said...

Yum. What an adorable gift and the card was just perfect with the cookies. I love your header. The plate is so pretty. Hope you have a great week.

SmilingSally said...

Easy, Judi, just mail me that tin!

♥ Kathy said...

What a great idea! I just know it was a hit :) You are so thoughtful ♥

Libby said...

Those look so cute and yummy!!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Judi
They look delicious and yes I thought they were ants too at first! We used to have a soft toy dog that sang that song. It was so funny. Glad you had fun at your friends birthday party.

Lorrie said...

LOL about the ants Judi! I bet these taste great!

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