Thursday, August 27, 2009

Napa Valley - V Sattui Winery

So now pictures of Napa Valley, on our California vacation again. I have so much to share it seems from that trip.

We drove from SanFrancisco north to Naples, the winery country. It was a lovely drive. We stopped at the V Sutturai which was voted #1. We'd found a brochure at the hotel and when we got there we just followed all the cars it seemed. The parking lot was packed all the way to the back.
The day was gorgeous and warm and you can't even imagine all the people around there. I wish I had taken a picture to show you all the people outdoors. Out on a grill they were grilling and selling oysters in the shell and other delicacies.

Indoors people were purchasing cheeses and breads and ready made sandwiches and beautiful salads and taking them outdoors for a picnic. They had long rows of picnic table set up and everyone was like one big family it looked like.

Look at the wonderfully delicious salads...

beautiful sandwiches with yummy breads...

This is what we shared...yum!
Look at all these delicious desserts...
There were beautiful flowers outdoors and all kinds of cute spots you could steal away and talk and enjoy the scenery.
They had a winery tour and you could sample wines. Look at all the people. This place was like gold mine!

They sold lovely gifts....

This winery is a 4th generation family winery. They were setting up a stage to the left of where we sat and were setting up pretty tables around it. Large bowls as centrepieces that were filled with oranges or lemons, sunflowers and other fruit. We asked and were told they were setting up for a SOLD OUT Italian Festival that night.
We had such a lovely visit to this winery and really enjoyed the drive too.

California has such beautiful places to visit..... I hope you have a beautiful day... Judi xoxo


Marilyn said...

Yummy. I think that sandwich looks sooo good. Great pictures. Hopefully I will see that all someday.

We are cooler today and it is raining a slow drizzly rain. Of course we need the rain but we had started the shed destruction and I am getting anxious for the new one.

I hope your day goes well.

Suzann said...

Absolutely everything looks wonderful. I can only imagine how amazing it all was in person.

Anonymous said...

Morning Judi. What a great time you must have had. I love this. I would have loved to have been there with you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lindsay-ann said...

Your trip to the winery looks amazing. All those cheeses look delicious. I love cheese! The cakes look wonderful too. I would love to go there myself one day.

Cindy said...

I love Napa! I can't believe I don't go there more often! I told my son that I want to go next month for my birthday! It's just a day trip for me since I'm in Northern California and I don't even take advantage of it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi,

Love your photos. I'm always amazed when someone visits CA. and sees things I haven't. Never been up to Napa Valley...some day. Mr. Wonderful and I are on a mission to see things in San Diego, as there are many he hasn't seen. And he has been here 22 years.

So glad you enjoyed your trip.

Julie said...

Oh this looked just wonderful, Judy! Didn't you just love California, all the way around? I can hardly wait to get out there again!

Your sandwich looked interesting and delish!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Judi, this does look like such a special place to visit, and how fun to get to see them setting up for the Festival. laurie

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