Monday, August 24, 2009

Bubba Gumps Yum!!!

Another tidbit of our recent California vacation was in Monterey south of San Francisco where we also visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium as well as Bubba Gumps.

Remember the movie Forrest Gump and how he said he would open up the Forrest Gump Shrimp Co? Well this is it! Its a really fun restaurant. We were directed to follow the smiling faces into the restaurant.

We were welcomed by so many happy and pleasant younger people who worked there. There were sooo many of them working there and hustling and bustling all over the place. It was a really smiley pleasant spot to be. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

At our table was a stand with this sign in red. Its the size of a car license plate. If all is well we leave it on the "green" sign

When we needed to catch someone's attention we were to turn it over to the "red" sign. Someone would be right over and we tried it and it worked!

While we sat there our waiter came and played Forrest Gump trivia with us. Marc was good at not so good. But we were given clues. That was fun.

I took some pictures of some the signs hanging all over the restaurant. Do you remember them from the movie?

We had something cold to drink. Marc had a beer and I had a strawberry lemonade drink. Oh so yum on a hot day.

We shared these very delicious shrimp appetizers. Oh my there were soooo yum!!

We were given a plastic bib. Marc wasn't going to put his on and I told him he had better! So he did and was glad he did because our dinner was splatting all over the place. *l*..

Another sign on the wall. Cute.

We both ordered the same meal. They each came in our own pot and when we took the lid off we got to work on all the seafood. There was lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, clams and we used our trusty little tools to pry everything over. There was delicious colesaw, jasmine rice and of course sourdough bread.

I knew I was in the right washroom when I read that it was "Jenny's".

and Marc went into "Bubba's".

I remember these words and had to snap them off the sign on another wall. True spoken words.

And one more sign....
It was such a delicious meal and fun atmosphere. Everything was hustling and bustling. There was a nice picturesque view of the water beside us also but I didn't get a picture of it.

So when in Monterey be sure to visit Bubba Gumps! Judi xoxo


Darlene said...

That was a GREAT movie and what a fun restaurant to visit!! I LOVE all of those signs. Your meal looks DELICIOUS...yum! Hope you have a great Monday!♥

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun, Judi! I loved seeing this restaurant. You had such a great time didn't you?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Judy said...

Thanks for taking us with you that was so much fun.

Linda said...

Bubba Gumps is a long time favorite of ours! So glad you discovered it and had such a fun dinner there. All the kids that work at Bubba Gumps are so lively and cute aren't they!?!

Marilyn said...

Looks like a cute place. Great signs.

Linda said...

Judi, interestingly enough, I live in CA but have never eaten at a Bubba Gumps here. We almost ate at the one in SF a few years back but the wait was waaayyy to long. We've only eaten at the one in Maui. We have a timeshare in Maui and also my son lived there for over 2 years so we've been able to eat there a couple of times a year. We just love the place.

Cindy said...

I saw that restaurant when we were there but we had already eaten somewhere else!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Judi
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog today. I LOVE this Bubba Gump post. My daughter will go crazy when she sees it. Forrest Gump is her favorite movie. We were in Florida this year and saw an ad for Bubba Gumps there and she desperately wanted to go. I am quite sure she would not have eaten shrimp but she just wanted to go. Maybe one day?
Thanks for the great tour. It looks like you had a fantastic time and at the aquarium too.
Best Wishes from England.

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Judi; OH what a fun place to eat such yummy sea food... Love all the photos you took. I just love Sea food,,, hubby and I had a chance to visit Savanna a few years ago, and got to see the bench he sat at for the movie, on our tour.. it was so great,, and hot... thank you for sharing you fun trip..


Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Judi,

Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice comment. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Love this post! Bubba Gumps opened here a little over a year ago near the beach. My oldest son worked there for a few months before he went to college and he really liked it and said it was a fun place to work. I never managed to get there when he worked there but he bought his brother a Lava Lite Up glass and me the Bayou Hurricane glass because the base and rim are blue. I love the pictures you took of the signs! Looks like you had a fabulous meal. Thanks for the tour!


imjacobsmom said...

Hey Judi, this looks like a really fun place. We have one at the Mall of America and I've never been to it. You know what another good saying is The road to hell is paved with good attentions. Now I know to check it out! ~ Robyn

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I'd love to answer questions about F.G. What a great restaurant. Sounds like so much fun and the food looks great! Fun signs to read while waiting too. laurie

Julie said...

I got to read this post, but never had time to respond! What a really neat place! We had planned to visit the Monteray Aquarium, but I had not read about this place, which is awesome! I hope to get out to California in the coming next few years out. We will definately visit Gumps!!!

Dawn said...

I love that movie!!! The restaurant looks like a fun place to be. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. I've lived on Cape Cod almost all of my life and I still haven't become a fan of seafood!

take care,

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