Friday, March 4, 2011

Freshening Up for Spring....and Baking Too

So what have I been doing? Doing the one thing I don't like - painting. I painted my bedroom and that spread to my little washroom. Thats all....painting. That isn't anything worth mentioning by many of you who obviously like painting and I see your lovely room transformations. Its hard for me to imagine that I could enjoy so many different crafts and doing things yet the whole painting walls process has been an ordeal.

I have painted on 3 occasions in the past few years. Always disliked it immensely. This time? I was able to "go with the flow". THAT is an accomplishment.

The colour I chose is a shade of white. Its a bright and clean change from the taupe in the bedroom and the sage green in the little washroom. They were nice colours but needed a change. I have no pictures to share right now because I'm still finishing up since I'd moved into reorganization of closets. Now its time to clean up and then I'm done.

Today is a vacation day for me...hoooot! I must have had some 6th sense when I booked this day off over a week ago. It came in handy for finishing up because did I tell you I hate painting....and did not know I was taking myself to the paint store at that time. *s*...

Its a beautiful day out there. Crisp but bright and sunny.
As usual I have different things on the go as I spring clean. I've enjoyed my coffee, my oven is preheated and I'll slip in some cornbread to bake, I have a very interesting Artisean bread which has been rising for 14 hours so far to bake later on. I have a few beans left, that our neighbour Georigia at the cottage gave us, sprouting for our salad AND as the day goes along I hope to try out a new pumpkin and cream cheese loaf recipe. Marc will be back home in Canada around dinner'll be a good day.

I hope wherever you are it is a bright sunny day... Judi xoxo


Theresa said...

I have been itching to do some painting around here! Love a fresh new paint job and I actually enjoy it:) It is crisp here today too but NO SUN! Have a blessed day dear Judi, enjoy your day off! HUGS!

Marilyn said...

Not at all bright and sunny here. It is blowing 25 mph and cloudy. I love to paint. I love painting inside, I should say. I am itching to paint my fireplace room--library or just pass through room--we don't know what to call it. Your new recipes sound good. Can't wait to hear how they are. Enjoy your 'new' rooms.

Julie said...

I love the baking part, hate the painting part...but it will be so fresh and pretty! All your breads sounds sooo good...I'm hungry, so that doesn't help...and it is almost midnight!!!!!

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