Thursday, January 27, 2011

Handmade Pillowcase Dress for Madeline and Mardi....

Tonight Geoff, my eldest son came over for dinner with Madeline. This week I showed you the crochetted dolly I made for her. I asked for suggestions as to what her name should be. Thank you for helping me out with ideas. Marilyn suggested a cute name "Mardi" using the first 3 letters of Marc's name and the last 2 of mine.

Madeline was so impressed that I actually made little Mardi for her.....and she loved her name too. Thank you Marilyn!

I wanted to share some little additional features I gave her. I sewed little blue roses, one on each foot, and one on each shoulder to "hold" up her little blue outfit.

I sewed a little "Love" pendant above her little heart and tucked under one of the little blue roses.

I sewed a label on her little bum...just so Madeline would know the love I put into making it for her. She is 6 and had no problem reading it on her own... :o)

Last spring I made a pillowcase dress for Madeline. Unfortunately it took me until this week to come across it again and give it to her. I had reorganized my fabrics and my vintage pillowcases at that time and the little dress had been tucked away with them.
I ironed on a little purple dragonfly....

Then she tried it on and it fit nicely. She was already wearing a pink top and pink leotards so she left those on to model. She said she may use it as a little nightie in the summertime.

We had such a nice little visit tonight just the 3 of us. Madeline went home with the 2 handmade gifts from me and Geoff with the quilt I had finally finished for him and Kiley.
Isn't it a nice feeling to do something special for someone? Be it making something or just spending the time.... I hope you find some special time this coming weekend too.... Judi xoxo


Hazel said...

I love the doll you made it's so cute .I've been making those pillow case dresses for Africa girls I had the same idea as Madeline I thought they would make cute nighties or even PJ tops .

pchickki said...

Oh how cute!! The doll is adorable and the dress is such a cute idea !!

Marilyn said...

How sweet! I am glad you like the name suggestion! Mardi is so cute and I know Madeline loves her. The dress is adorable. I think all your gift for your special people are more than special. They will cherish them all. Hope your day goes well. M

Theresa said...

Mardi is just adorable, the name is perfect! I can't believe every little detail that you added to make it so precious!

I also love the little dress! I hate it when I put something up and CAN'T find it! It is when I quit looking, that I find it:)

I know that Geoff and Kiley will enjoy that quilt and the love that went into making it!

Have a blessed day dear Judi! BIG HUGS

Libby said...

That is the cutest doll EVER!!! I love it! and what a cute grand-daughter too!!
I know that she will cherish these handmade items from her sweet Granmother!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love the little doll you made, it's totally precious!
And so is your little granddaughter as well!
Happy Weekend,

Julie said...

Madeline and Geoff feel the love! You are such a wonderful Mom and Grandma!!! The pillowcase dress is adorable! Love all the little extras you did to the dolly. Her name is perfect!
God bless you, Judi!
xoxo- Julie

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