Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some More Fallness...Not Ready Yet...

Fall has come with its mix of warmth and coolness its beauty, its colour, its harvest......and now the beautiful coloured leaves have mostly dropped. This is at the lake.


crispy, juicy apples...


because I missed posting the past few weeks I thought it was only fair that I post some fall pictures I had taken for you.
Gourds 5 for $1.00

These pictures were taken when we were in Vegas in September. They are at the Bellagio hotel.

Fun aren't they?

Know why despite all this beauty I resist fall? Well...tonight we had hail...and snow showers...which I'm so grateful melted shortly after but *sigh*. I'm not ready for winter....

Have a wonderful day... Love Judi xoxo


Phyllis @Around the House said...

wow those trees are the neatest, I have been to vagas and the hotel, did not see the neat trees...I also hated to see summer pass, but I am getting used to it when I see the wonderful winter scenes, not here of course in ca. just a little your post, I am a new follower, come for a

Anonymous said...

HI Judi! Oh, just look at that beautiful Fallness of color. I have to live Fall through your postings and others, we just don't have that here. I kinda love the cooler weather. It's so very hot and humid here in the summer so I look forward to a little cooler weather.
Take care and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Marilyn said...

Hail and snow showers!?!?! Oh, Judi. This is too early. Glad it melted. I wish I could send you some of our weather. 50 for low and 70 for high. Bright and shiny days. I'm hoping you get some wonderful fall weather for the weekend. Enjoy. Lovely pictures.

Lorrie said...

Beautiful pictures Judi. I know what you mean about "resisting" fall. I live in North Carolina now, but when I lived in northern NY fall was a brief prelude to a long, dark, cold, early winter. And I am a summer person at heart. So I sympathize and hope you can delight in the small pleasures of the season anyway.

Bunny said...

Hi Judi! Thanks for your kind sweet words about my daughter's painting, yes it is hanging in her room here and she made me one for my dining room in blue. She did take some classes.
Pick me up on your way to the border LOL I am ready to shop. LOL Have fun.

Darlene said...

Hi Judi,

I LOVE seeing all your fall pictures. Your yellow leaves are definitely prettier than my brown ones that are everywhere! As Marilyn told you our weather has been GORGEOUS and I wish we COULD share it with you.♥

dana said...

Those yellow leaves were awesome---and so were your other fall photos! Even the ones in Vegas! :)

I just copied your yummy sounding Corn Chowder Recipe!

Our weather is in the 70s!!! It rocks. Last year, on this weekend, we froze as we attended several Holiday Open Houses! Not was wonderful!


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Judi
Thanks for your comment and get well wishes.
I loved seeing your fall pictures. The ones from your lake cottage look so beautiful.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

So happy you came to visit and joined as a follower! I've done the same and look forward to more of your lovely posts! Have a great day! Coralie

Dawn said...

What BEAUTIFUL fall pictures. I love the colors of fall and your photos sure do capture them!!! The tree in the bottom picture is GREAT!

take care,

Michelle said...

I love fall and it's so nice to have such a gorgeous season before winter!

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