Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pickled Cauliflower Medley (Giardiniera)

Isn't this time of year great for all the fresh fruit and vegetables? The roadstands are so inviting with all the wonderful fruits of the harvest. When we stop at them I want to buy it all and see what I can make out of them.

On Sunday after I got home I bought 3 big, white cauliflower and a couple of mesh bags of fresh pearl onions and fresh carrots. I prepared them and put them to soak in salt water overnight. Today I've prepared them and I'm so happy I did and can't wait until they've been sitting for a week or two.

I used a recipe out of my Canning, Freezing and Drying book. I altered it a bit by adding a bit more sugar and adding a hot type of pepper...what is that pepper thats yellow and kind of "longy widey" and its hot? Thats what I used along with a similar pepper that wasn't hot. I also used THREE cauliflower so I added about another 2 cups of vinegar and a bit more spices.

You can actually give it a little taste and see if you think its too vinegary in which case you can adjust your sugar (as I did) or some other spices knowing that once it cools down and sits for a couple of weeks the brine will be so darn happy after lingering with the spices !!

Pickled Cauliflower Medly Recipe

1 package of fresh carrots (smaller full size carrots)
2 heads of cauliflower
2 packages of fresh pearl onions
1 hot pepper (yellow longy type )
1 yellow pepper (same type but not hot)
sliced celery (optional)
4 quarts cold water
1 cup Morton pickling salt
2 quarts white vinegar
2.5 cups sugar
1/2 cup pickling spices
2 tbsp celery seed
red pepper flakes (optional)

Put the cup of pickling salt into the cold water in a large pot. Slice the carrots and prepare the cauliflower into flowerettes and put into the water.
In another pot boil the pearl for about 3 minutes. Drain and put pearl onions into a bowl of cold water to cool. Hold on to the end of the pearl onion and pop the onion out of the skin. Cut off the end of the onion and add to the salt water. Let them sit there for 12-18 hours.
Cut the end off the peppers, cut a slit down the pepper and remove the seeds. Cut into rings and set aside for tomorrow.

The next day drain the vegetables, rinse with cold water, drain and rinse and drain once more.

At that stage I wash and rinse well the jars and lids and rings that I'll be using. I use a variety of little and big jars. I place the clean jars into water in a big pickling kettle and set it to boil. I keep the lid on and allow it to boil for a good 10 minutes and then I start the preparation of the veggies and spices.

In a large pot add the vinegar, salt, sugar and spices. Bring to a boil. At this stage I added some of the sliced hot peppers. When water is boiling add the carrots and allow to cook for about 1-2 minutes and then add the cauliflower and pearl onions. Allow to boil for about 5 minutes until partially done.

Remove jars individually and pack full of the veggies and liquid. To some of the jars I added a few hot pepper flakes or some additional hot pepper pieces. Place on the lid and the ring and screw on as tightly as you can. I mark an "x" on the ones that are hotter.

Set jars on a folded towel away from any drafts and allow to cool. As they cool they pop and I know they are properly sealed. If you've missed the "pop" if you press down on the centre of the lid and its hard it has sealed. If for some reason it hasn't sealed I would keep it in the fridge and use up within a month.

Otherwise let sit for at least a week...or two and then give it a try!
I love pickled veggies and maybe you'll give it a try and if you do...have fun pickling... Judi xoxo


Marilyn said...

They are so pretty. I bet your pantry is beautiful. Thanks for the recipe.

SmilingSally said...

How do you DO it all with a job?

JennyMac said...

Really impressed. My Aunt does so much canning. I am sending this recipe to her.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You're making my mouth water! My sister just made piccalily and now I am hungry for all of the relishes of my childhood! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Darlene said...

I bet that is going to be YUMMY! Do you ever slow down???

Anonymous said...

Oh, Judi, you're amazing, my friend! Your canned goods looks beautiful! My mother used to can and I loved looking at all the beautiful jars of veggies. You're so busy! I'm inspired.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

jeanne said...

Hi Judi, thanks for your visit and sweet comment about my guest bedroom and those lovely white work pillow cases.

Your pickled veggies are a wonder and a lot of work. I cam make jam but pickling is a different thing. My sister would love to pickle them and I will share your instructions with her. Which are very detailed and good. I can exist on veggies I swear. I do like meat in small servings. Always with lots of veggies though. Yours look fabulous. When we lived on the farm, my mom canned everything. Such good food.


Judy said...

Oh so pretty and yummy looking. I love this time of year. I have to be careful not to over buy when I go to the market on Saturdays. It is so easy to do.

Dawn said...

I have never canned (or jarred :) ) anything but have always wanted to try, I'm just too chicken! I'm afraid I'll do it wrong and ruin what I make.

I love pickled cauliflower. I admire all of your talents. I hope when it is time to eat what you prepared that every bite is wonderful!~

take care,

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the salt. As I was going through the recipe I saw where you soaked the veggies in a cup of pickling sugar (this was listed in the recipe) but when you go to boil your vinegar, sugar and spices you have salt added to the list to boil. This wasn't added extra or on the recipe so how much salt do you add to boil? Looking forward to making this, because I love pickled cauliflower so much!!

Judi said...

Hi Anonymous

I just got your message. I will check in my book and correct the recipe. It does sound like something is missing...sorry...

Thank you for checking. It is delicious.

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