Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

This is my first time joining in on Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan from A Southern Daydreamer . Be sure to click over there to see all the other Outdoor Wednesday Participants. Thank you Susan.
Today I'm sharing the flowers at the cottage taken a couple of weeks ago. The daisies are so tall and happy to me.

I love the lilies in the garden next door....

Our window box on the shop almost didn't get planted because it seems we had so much rain on the weekends. I would leave it for the "next" day because it wasn't supposed to be as rainy but alas it would be. These pictures were also taken a couple of weeks ago. They are more hardy today.

I planted five brocolli plants in the garden next door. It has become almost a community garden. The garden belongs to Bob and Georgia and another neighbour painted this sign for them.

Bob and Georgia planted various types of tomatoes the last couple of years. They yielded soooo many tomatoes and you might remember that from last year. A number of us on the beach road were invited to chip in and pick them for ourselves. And we did...and they just kept coming. So this year we planted some green peppers and brocolli and another lady planted eggplant with their tomatoes. We'll share.

I didn't realize how brocolli grew as this is the first time I've planted them. They grow a head initially. You cut the head off which encourages the other brocolli heads to grow from the sides. We have been enjoying lots of yummy brocolli.

One of the flowerettes became a flower for sure sprouting lovely yellow flowers while we weren't there. Marc cut one and I thought it looked like he was carrying a bouquet. *lol*.... Isn't that quite the knife he used to cut that brocolli? Whew!

We put it into water at our dinner table one evening when Janet and Jack came for dinner. They laughed. It really did look pretty and lasted for a few days.

Thats my Outdoor Wednesday....thank you for stopping by.

Hope you are having a summer flowery kind of day... Judi xoxo


My name is Riet said...

What a lovely post, nice pictures. I love love your cat Abby. We in our country call them Persian cats. We had 2 of them, a blue and the other one was a red tabby
Have a nice day,
Riet, The Netherlands

SmilingSally said...

I've never seen broccoli grow either, but wasn't there an odor at your table?

Becky K. said...

We grew broccoli when I was young. It was fun to cut it off. Late in the season we would let it go to flower. Such pretty yellow blooms.

Happy Wednesday.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Great post...loved the broccoli pix and the garden sign is great...Thanks for sharing

Love Bears All Things said...

We do not have enough cool weather in the Spring for Broccoli. We planted it one time. The community garden sounds great. I have a couple of friends who do that every year. I love the sign and I think the bouquet is lovely.
Mama Bear

Dawn said...

I never knew that much about broccoli before! Now, I'm hungry for some :) How nice to have a community garden like that! Oh, the veggies must be just lovely!

take care,

Regina said...

Welcome! Lovely blooms. Nice outdoor post.

Marilyn said...

I would love to be able to grow broccoli. Too hot here. Your flowers are so pretty. The window box has such pretty colors.

AJ love it at the store. I couldn't believe it.

We have had a very cool summer here. We are usually several weeks of over 100 degrees by now. I guess you had lots of rain and we had cooler temps than usual. Very unusual.

Hope the work week goes fast for you and the weekend lasts a long time. Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that your neighbors are so willing to share, their food and garden space. Enjoy. I got a kick out your hubby's knife. Mine do has big knives and way too many I think.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day.


Mary Bergfeld said...

You chosen some lovely images to share with us today. Have a wonderful day.

Cindy said...

I love the window box!!!

regarding your comment you just left me...I'm about 45 minutes away from Half Moon Bay.

Retirement Bliss

Again its been quite some time since I have found the time to write on my Blog.  Its great to have you stop by and I welcome your comment. ...