Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Got It and Vacation Days!!

Now I know what it is!
Thank you for all your ideas yesterday as I tried to figure out what I owned. Some agreed with my idea that it would be good for a butter dish. Tootsie said it was a butter dish and like one she has and has forgotten about. So I checked Ebay and look what I found..... This one on Ebay is much like mine.

I am on vacation today to the rest of theweek. Its study week at school so a quiet time at work.
I really wished I could go someplace but it isn't a good time for Marc to go. I thought of flying to Florida to visit my mom while she vacations there and maybe could meet up with Julie...hmmmm...or fly to British Columbia to see my brother. My best friend who lives an hour from me has gone to St. Martins with her hubby....and my SIL just came back from a 1 month driving trip to Mexico and back and she's already flown to Florida.... so I can't even visit them. They didn't even take me!
I treated myself to some fabulous magazines... YES!! I did it it "relentlessly" because its a lot less than a plane ticket and a nice treat...
I'll take some time over tea to be inspired with all the eye candy...yum!!

(courtesy of Romantic Country Dream Rooms)

I could be inspired to paint my something fun...bake or...treat myself to a manicure or having my eyebrows waxed...go to the leisure many fun things to do when I keep myself company...maybe try to learn a new craft...Penny?

(courtesy of Romantic Country Dream Rooms)

I may sew new drapes for my livingroom because some fabric I wanted to purchase a month ago has become available to me after all. I will be spending time with Madeline and Geoff on Thursday...hmmmm...look how the vacation is filling up and I didn't even have a plan... *s*.. Thats what usually happens. I get so busy doing things I wonder where the time went. But as long as it was fun right?

Whatever you may or may not have planned for today...
I hope its a lovely day... Judi xoxo


♥ Kathy said...

YAY for vacation time!! I hope you have a nice, relaxing vacation Judi and I'm glad you found out that you had a butter dish :) I still think it's so pretty! ♥ Love, Kathy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Judi, I love your neat find! It's wonderful!!!

Sounds like a lovely time... nothing I like more than reading magazines! Love them! :-)

I'm running around for the next two days, and I wish so much that I could just curl up with a good book or a new mag! Enjoy your time off!


Sheila :-)

Bo said...

Hi Judi...nice & easy does it for these next few lazy days ahead, huh? Sounds really, really good...enjoy! ;-) Bo

SmilingSally said...

Why not just put your feet up and dream a bit more.

Darlene said...

Those magazines look wonderful....I love nothing more than to just laze around looking through magazines or reading books. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Vacation time is just that *vacation*. Even if you're home, you can have a *staycation* with all your favorite things. Enjoy☺

Neabear said...

I am glad you found out what that is! Oh, and I love the new pretty tassel in your header. Ooolala!! Love it. Enjoy your time off. Waaaa....I need some time off too. But can't afford to take it, not much accrued yet. Besides we are hoping to do something for our 30th wedding anniversary in September. Want to save some vacation time for that!

Candy said...

One of my vices is magazines, love 'em! Pretty dish no matter what you use it, candy,...
Thanks for stopping by today.
Happy Wed, Candy

Anonymous said...

Judi, I thought you might get an answer on Ebay. Good for Tootsie for her memory. Smile.

Ahhh vacation! Start having fun quick it will go by fast. come over Judi and read my post today. I think you might enjoy it.

Have a lovely fun filled week.


Anonymous said...

Afternoon, Judi! I'm so glad you're going to get some 'do what you want time'. Pouring over the decorating books is something I love to do!
Now, I have a similar dish to yours, but it's a big around as a dinner plate and doesn't have a glass insert. I thought mine might be a seafood server. Who knows?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Julie said...

As of Friday night I will have all next week off! I am taking my daughter on a little trip next Mon-Wed, but will be back Wed night. Hey you know, we are changing the clocks this Sunday to spring forward!
If you come to Florida, Judi...let me know, I will drive down after work and meet you and your Mom for dinner in would be fun!!!

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Judy, you don't have to cook on Fridays. You can post about food you cooked another day (or even a food memory from years ago). If you have food questions, this is a good time to ask. Things like that. It's totally fun and flexible. We'd love for you to join us. I'm hoping the Foodie Friday posts will be like a huge recipe book--but without having to buy one or find shelf space.

I enjoyed looking at the photos of those lovely green cake stands. They're stunning. Love your tassel on your header, too.
Have a great vacation!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Yippi!! Vacation time!!! I hope you have the best vacation ever. I'ts been so long since we even thought of a vacation around here, I would probably turn circles trying to figure out what to do first.. by the time I did..the vacation would be over Enjoy your magazine and cup of tea and take time for yourself..
hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

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