Monday, February 9, 2009

Tagged - 7 Secret Things

Heidi from Bargain-Hunting In The Corn has tagged me for 7 Secret Things.

Here are the rules of the TAG...

Tell seven things that people may not know about you...

Link to the person who tagged you...

Then give the links of the people you are going to tag.

1) Marc and I met online, in a chat room where we'd been chatting with people from all over the world. He lives in New York State and I live in Ontario, Canada which on a good drive is 3 hours -its rarely quite that short due to traffic (my longest one time drive was 7 hours). We get together every weekend. For 6 months of the year (summer) I drive to his cottage right on Lake Ontario (across the lake from me) where he moves to in the summer, and 6 months of the year (winter) he drives to my place. We share emails throughout the day and a phone conversaton every evening before bedtime. We have been doing this for over 11 years! Must be

2) I have a "thing" about walking DOWNstairs. I have to touch a railing or brush my shoulders against the wall to keep my feet walking without "missing". If I have a long dress on I have to watch every step because I will "miss" a step. It has to be a brain and foot thing. I've had it for years. I never avoid stairs or even think of it and take the stairs whenever I come across any. I just follow through real carefully.

3) I can't drive a standard car. I tried to learn years ago but I always dreaded and worried about when I would have to slow down or heaven forbid STOP. I knew I'd have to "cough" my way back into first gear! *lol*.

4) I would love to own and operate a "Tea Room". A lovely little shop with vintage and antique goods, and lovely crafts and lace and soaps and the like. I'd love to have an area where one could sit and have some tea and biscuits or cake or something yummy between shopping and looking around. Would you come to my shop?

5) I love crafts. Well that may not be a secret here any longer. When I see something someone else has made or I see something in a store I'd like then I want to make it myself!

6) Whenever I have sold a house or property closed a deal and moved from an area thats when house prices go up! They go up lots! This has happened THREE times. Quiet market suddenly goes bizzark within 6 months of my selling and moving out. None of these times benefited me.

7) Years ago I used to leave a job after a year or two and when my sons were born I would leave for sure. When I started work at the College it was to be for a 24 hour week part-time position. That lasted 2 weeks then became a regular work week. I've continued working at the College for 25 years. This summer I will be up to 30 days of vacation.

So there now you know some more about me. I now tag the following wonderful ladies ....but of course only if they want to. I think we'll have to check to see if they are "up" to this tag...


I hope you are enjoying a lovely day today.... Judi xoxo


♥ Kathy said...

My husband and I met in a chat room too :-D and stairs aren't good for me either lol Plus I'd love to come to your tea room ♥ Kathy

bj said...

Oh, yes, when you open that tea room, let us all know!! :O)
Thanks for sharing all the things about you.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That's neat! Sounds like "You've Got Mail!" LOL! :-) Loved reading these, and I will take on this challenge. Not sure when just yet, but I will! :-) Thanks, Judi!



Darlene said...

That was a fun read about you! How is Abby doing?♥

Bo said...

Hi Judi...Yes, I'd love to have tea in your tearoom to be...I'm sure it would be delicious & filled with wonderful crafty things to buy. Thank you so much for thinking of me for this tag;however, I have done this meme a couple of times in the past and if you don't mind I'll decline to bore everyone again. I do so appreciate you naming me though!
;-) Bo

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Hi Judi

Thanks for the tag.. I'll have to think about what to share~!

Have a great day!


Heidi Pocketbook said...

So glad you could participate in the tag. I enjoyed reading your responses :-)

Lorrie said...

A very interesting post Judi! I love learning more about you. I'll come to tea in your tea room when you open it!

Julie said...

LOLOL! Judi this was fun to read about you! I will do it! I hope I can think of 7 secrets!

Julie said...

BTW...yes, I would come to your tea room. I hope you would visit me at my fabric and succulent shop!
Perhaps we could share a same cute little downtown area with antique shops and an ice cream parlor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi, I have the same stair problem. I have almost taken a fall a couple of times. I would love to come to your tea room. Wouldn't it be fun?

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Hello, thanks for coming by my blog to say hello! I came on the right day, with your meme I got to know you a little better right off! I do that stair thing too, I'm such a clutz, I just know I'll take a tumble if I don't!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Now that's a love story for sure! Just amazing! I'm kinda like you about stairs. I fell down a flight of stairs once and sprained my wrist and am a little fearful of going 'down' most of the time. Aw, a tea room - I'd come too.
If you don't mind, I'll pass since I just did this! ;) Still love me?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

So interesting to learn new things about you. Wow! that is a long time for a long-distance relationship (yep! I think it's love)! laurie

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Judi; I so enjoyed reading about your 7 things. It is really great getting to know you.


Cyndi said...

Hi,thanks for coming by my blog,very nice to meet another canadian gal here. I sure learnt alot about you already in this post.btw,I wasn't very good at driving a standard either. Cyndi

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Hi Judi,

It was fun learning more about you. I have that same stairs thingy going on myself. Must hold on, or down I'll go!

Thank you dear for tagging me. It will have to wait, however, until I return from my Florida vacation. I don't think I'll be able to get to it before I go and I'm not taking my laptop with me. Just books.



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