Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Little Catch Up and Merry Christmas *hugs*

I cannot believe that its is almost Christmas.  Homes are so beautifully decorated for the season and its awfully cold around here.  Its 19F today.  We haven't had that much snow but its Christmassy out there for sure following a snowy day yesterday.  It is pretty as long as the driving is good.

I've been baking cookies, lots of Ugly Sweater Christmas cookie orders this time of year.  I bet an ugly sweater party would be fun. Have you ever had one or been to one.  Here are some pictures to share for a weekend order.
I also baked some gingerbread houses that sit on the side of your cup.  Aren't these cute moose cups?  I found 6 of them at a thrift store this fall. 

I made a Christmas swag for my best friend Kirsti and it fit nicely on the lantern I bought for it.

We visited with them a couple of weeks ago and she was happy to receive it.  I have to make one for me now.
We visited my SIL and BIL a couple of weeks ago and spent a night at their lovely cottage.  It was one of the first weekends of snow we'd had.  It was like a winter wonderland but brrrrrrr.  I would loved to have been snowed there for a few days...*s*...

We were in Florida for 1.5 weeks in October for Reed's 3rd birthday.  Marc's daughter Janet, hubby and 2 little ones are there for 2 years with Ryan's work.  This is the cake she baked.

The birthday boy...
and his brother the lizard catcher...or whatever they are..*s*..
We got a babysitter and we went out and gave Janet and Ryan a date night... yummy dinner.
They have a big screened in pool and the boys swim like fish now.
That's a bit about what we've been up to lately.  I have thought about my friends here and visited here and there.  I have definitely been doing lots of baking.  Baking after a full day at work makes it very busy.  These were for Movember.  
Madeline has grown so much.  She is now 9-1/2 years old.  Sweetness that she is.
 I wish you all a beautiful time leading up to a very Merry Christmas to you, your family and your precious friends.... Judi xoxo


Theresa said...

Hi there Judi! I have missed hearing from you! Cookies are precious and tasty I am sure:). Big hugs coming your way dear friend.

Julie said...

hey Judi! Email me....been tryin to reach you! hope all is well on your end!
love, Julie

Julie said...

hey Judi! Email me....been tryin to reach you! hope all is well on your end!
love, Julie

Julie said...

Judi. Whats happening? Send me an email please!
xoxo- Julie

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