Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Madeline's Ballet Recital...

Sunday I came home early from the cottage because I attended Madeline's first ballet recital with Geoff.   The recital was at a theatre close to home.  They were celebrating "Wind" on Earth which goes along with water and fire.

The recital lasted just over an hour and was wonderful! The music and costumes, dancers and choreography were very good.  Everything was planned and flowed quickly from one performance to the next.

Madeline's performance was called "African Heat".  She did so well.  We were so proud of her.  She isn't shy when she performs and smiled and remembered just how to place her hands and her feet.  We weren't allowed to take pictures unfortunately however,
we took pictures outside after the show.  Here she is all 7 years of age wearing makeup, albeit for the performance but she looked so growed up.

A kiss and rose from her daddy...
happy smiles together...
a picture with me, grammy too...  It was such a nice afternoon.
I was so reminded by this picture that I need a haircut which is where I'm off to now!
Gave a great evening & dance merrily ... Judi xoxo


Unknown said...

Madeline is adorable. Don't you just love the recitals?
Have a great eve ~

Theresa said...

She is precious! I remember when Autumn took tap and ballet:) MANY years ago! She traded in her dance shoes for cleats:) Your Madeline and her Daddy are so sweet together! Also, with you! Have a blessed evening dear Judi, HUGS!

Julie said...

She is so pretty!!! I love her dance outfit...the colors are so nice!

I am so jealous of all your hair, Judi!!! xoxo-

Nancy McCarroll said...

Pretty girls, both she and YOU!! Looked like a fun time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Judi, what a little darling she is! I know you're so proud of her. You look pretty too!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

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