Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hydrangea and Bird Pal at Cottage

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It was a beautiful weekend at Rockledge cottage.  We meant to do more planting but we galavanted instead and visited but we did buy a new hydrangea.  I love them. You can tell its a pink one but we have all the soil requirement adjustment instructions on it to help change it blue.  Now that would be fun to do.
Right now its sitting on the deck in a large pot.  Once we get a skirt put on the deck and have it stained we'll have a place to plant it. 
I put a solar light with a sweet birdy on it into the pot.  Doesn't it look sweet? 
It was a warm day in town but by the lake there was a light  breeze and the air was so fresh.
Can wait until next weekend....have a wonderful day... Judi xoxo


Theresa said...

I love hydrangeas and have been wanting to add a pink one here in Gankyland:) Love your beautiful pictures, clear blue sky and a light breeze... perfect! Have a blessed day dear Judi, HUGS!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Little bird looks so real! It is an idyllic setting. Have a lovely week, Judi.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Galavanting is always fun and I love your new hydrangea! They are my favorite flower!

C'est moi Claudette said...

It was a beautiful weekend wasn't it Judi? So hot and so lovely. A little cooler today with a little rain, but still nice.
Glad you had fun.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hydrangeas are my favorites! I've not treated mine to turn blue, but it is in the back of my head to do so. The weather here in California is gorgeous!

Have a terrific week!


(PS: your giveaway looks delightful and I'd love to enter, but I am on a gluten free diet...grrf! No goodies for me...sad face...)

Julie said...

Hi Judi!!!

I have been missing a lot of posts lately trying to keep up with new job, and Moms things we have to take care of now, eh?

The hydrangeas are so beautiful but they do terrible here, sadly! I do remember when I was young, my Mom had one by the back door in partial shade and she was able to make it change colors each season by I believe either a more alkaline or more acid soil. It was fun to see it change...we thought it was magical!!!

Work is good. I like it. It is helping to keep my mind busy too! I will have three days off on Sun, Mon and Tues coming up, so I am really looking forward to it!!!

Love ya...Julie

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Hydrangeas are one of my favs. Your little bird light is so cute. laurie

It's A Wonderful said...

I love the shot of the lake...oh, how I miss it!

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