Friday, April 27, 2012

Pinky House Cannisters and Cookie Cupcake Party

My youngest son Richard and his girlfriend like to go to auctions.  They pick up all kind of great deals, fix things up and resell them or they buy a box for $2.00 because they see one thing in there they like   But they don't know what all they'll be taking home in that box.   Rich will come over with all kinds of lovely or neat things.  He will often times give me things in the box he wouldn't want and he thinks I would.

One such thing I got at Easter.  Its a sweet little pink cannister set.  It is in perfect condition and was already so clean.  Aren't they just the cutest little town?
It also has a sweet teapot and stacking salt and pepper shakers.  I think my cupcake sugar cookies look like they are part of the set.  Don't you think?
makes me wish I could invite you all over for a sugar cookie and tea party....
Right now I have them on my baker's rack with all my coloured cookie sprinkles.  I may make the teapot into a lamp.  It would be adorable.
Do you go to auctions?  I would but they have it planned so that everything I'm interested is auctioned off at the end.  That makes too long a day for me.  Hope you are having a great day... Judi xoxo


Karen said...

What a sweet set of canisters! I think you really lucked out.
Have a great weekend.
Ladybug Creek

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, are't you the lucky one! What a darling set of canisters and yes, you should make the tea pot into a lamp! That would be so cute!! Wish I had such good friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Julie said...

What adorable pieces, Judi!!! I have a local auction down the street, and we used to go quite often on Sundays, but it got too packed and like you said it takes all day and makes you crazy! You just KNOW the very thing you want or need will be the next item up...and it is difficult to leave!!! Your cookies look fantastic next to your new tea set!

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet canister set and teapot! I LOVE them and will be right over for tea and YUMMY/BEAUTIFUL COOKIES:) Your Son is so kind to bring you such beauties! Hope you enjoy your Saturday dear friend, HUGS!

Nancy McCarroll said...

I love the pictures of the cookies and matching canister set. You made beautiful cookies, btw. You are a lucky gal with all that goodness around you!

Good weekend to you, Judi.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I LOVE auctions! Please visit me for an Annie Sloan book giveaway.

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