Friday, January 6, 2012

Remembering Christmas of....Just About Yesterday....

I can't believe its over.  Christmas and the holidays have passed again until the end of the year.  As nice as it all was I sure am happy to be thinking about other things.  Like?  How about the weather?  I can't believe that we have no snow and only had a little bit that fell on Christmas eve morning and Christmas day.  Just enough to make it seem more "real".  It was brrrr last weekend but today its 5C = 40F. 

But still I want to share what Madeline and I made just days before Christmas.  We went to the Bulk Barn and bought goodies to decorate pretzels with, coating them with chocolate and gumdrops, and Smarties and licorice. 
She was quite serious about doing a good job....
and look how good they turned out.
There were lots of them.  I was the  one responsible for keeping them and bringing them
 to my mom's for her to pass out for everyone.  It was fun making them together and they were delicious.
Here is a picture of my 2 guys and their ladies on Christmas eve..
Madeline had a beautiful dress on.  She looks so grown up for her 7 years sitting with her dad.
My mom was looking a bit tired by the end of the evening here.  She had put together a delicious dinner and set the table so beautifully..  Pretty amazing because she is 82 years old.
and Marc and I.. 
and Bossco but he is like Abby would look away every time I snapped a picture.
I hope you had a beautiful Christmas.
I'm curious about your weather?  Is it unusually cold, warm, snowy, rainy....or perfect?
Judi xoxo

5 comments: said...

Madeline is absolutely gorgeous! She looks so grown up for 7! You look wonderful and kudos to your mom for putting on a delicious looking spread like that. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Julie said...

PERFECT WEATHER here! Yesterday not a cloud in the sky! Is your Mom coming back down for the winter this year???

You Madeline is gorgeous! What a beauty she grew into!!! Just a lovely girl! Her cookies are fantastic...tell her I said so! Hehehe.

Your Christmas just looked all around wonderful!!! I know I am so happy for the holidays to be is a fun time, but too much by the time it ends!

I hope you have a perfect winter up there in Canada!!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures! Your Mom looks so pretty and I think her table setting is fabulous! Great picture of you and Marc!!!

Enjoy your day dear friend, our weather has warmed back up but was pretty cold last the 20s!

jeanne said...

Hi Judi, What a sweet post and I don't mean just the sweets you made. smile. Madeline is beautiful and grown up in her pretty outfit. Your photos are lovely and your mom is a darling. It shows how much love you all have for each other. I loved the photo of you and your hubs. I too can't believe the holidays are done. I still have Christmas decorations to put away. Sigh.

Thank you for sharing a part of your family's holiday celebration.
Hugs, Jeane

C'est moi Claudette said...

Your mom is 82 and still going strong. What a great celebration. Sweet Madeline. I LOVE her dress and those cookies. I remember making cookies with my kids like that. I miss those days.
I see Jeanne my wonderful friend commented here too. I adore her.
And you.

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