Friday, October 14, 2011

Homemade Buns and Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man Sandwich

I finally have the "knack" for baking bread that needs kneading AND I am over the not liking the kneading bit. I rarely made bread if it wasn't in the bread machine but since this summer I've been fascinated by this.
Last week I found a recipe from King Arthur Bread flour that had GREAT reviews.  This is a great site. 
My review would be included in the good reviews because it was easy to make and turned out great.  I added a couple of dashes of Onion Salt, Garlic Powder and just a few caraway seeds to the dough...those are not little bugs on them.*s*..
Before putting them into the oven I brushed then with an egg white, sprinkled over some coarse salt and just a very few caraway seeds.  I shaped 3 of them into oval buns and the rest were little buns.
Nothing to it and ohhhh so yummy...I fixed the Marlboro Man sandwich with cubesteak just like the PioneerWoman  and Marc and I loved it on these buns.
Judi xoxo


Neabear said...

Wow! You made your own buns! That is amazing! They look very good.


pchickki said...

Wow! Judi I have always wanted a bread machine but I don't have one because I would be as big as an elephant. Bread is my weakness and what you have done here is making my mouth water. I will be right over! Send directions !

Unknown said...

Looks deelish, for sure! Love those bird frames thru each stage you took them.
Have a beautiful weekend.

jeanne said...

Hi Judi, I love hearing from you today. I have been on a bit of a blog break but I'm back.

Your bread looks divine. I too have a bread machine and I let the machine knead the bread and then I shape it and bake it myself. My machine quit baking right but it still does the hard work.

I have the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. She is amazing. I have not made the sandwich yet. I will try it out on my dh.

I too think the prayer says it all. Our country needs a wake up call. Billy Graham is amazing.

Happy Fall.
Hugs, Jeanne said...

You are my hero! I am going to save this and try it out. I bet it would be awesome with the BBQ beef. Thank you so much for visiting! I am off to enjoy more of your wonderful blog now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, those buns looks fantastic. I don't have a bread machine and haven't kneaded any bread dough in over 35 years! :) I'll bet these taste amazing too.
Hope you're doing well. I feel like I'm so behind on Blogland since I've been gone for so long.
Love ya,
shelia ;)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Yum! Judi, that looks so delicious. (I'm still not over disliking the kneading! Haven't done it in years.) laurie

bj said...

Yay...a new bread recipe...can't wait to try it. Yum...we really do love fresh bread. I can make my entire meal off of it and BUTTAH....:))

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wow, that looks good! I think that the garlic powder and onion salt would just give this the extra kick it needs to make it mouth watering. It sure looks that way!



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