Friday, July 29, 2011

Cottage Projects

At the cottage the weather has been wonderful except for the look of rain yesterday and actual raindrops this morning.
  Everything is still and the leaves on the trees are motionless. 
 the water barely ripples...
 The birds continue to sing and its very relaxing. 
This week I've worked on a chandelier for Madeline.  I spray painted a black metal chandalier white that I had thrifted, covered 5 little shades with a pink polka dot fabric.  

From the Fimo clay I made butterflies and flowers and a striped caterpillar to slip onto the chandelier under the shades.
It doesn't look good in this picture because its hanging cock eyed from a ceiling fan just so you can see it better.  I have yet to finish up the shades and see what else I'll add.  I'll show it to you once its complete. 

I took down the 2 sconces at the cottage that looked like this....

and gave them a bit of a spray and now they look like this... much better...

I am truly in vacation mode.  What has your weather been like and what you you been up to this week? Enjoy....Judi xoxo


Kim's Treasures said...

Fun projects! Love the lampshades!

We have had bad storms, 3 straight nights! I am sleepy! The sun is out and it's super hot.

Haven't been too crafty with everything in storage.

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Judi, that chandelier turned out so cute. The polka dot shades are the crowning touch. Love the sconces in white. And what beautiful outdoor photos. Hope the rest of your summer is just as beautiful. laurie

Theresa said...

Great projects! I love the sweet chandelier, too cute! The sconce is precious!

I have been busy and loving it! The weather is too hot to be outside except in short spurts:) Praying for a little cooler weather!


concretenprimroses said...

Good chandy makeover. Love the butterflys. I wish there was someting that would last outdoors that was easy to mold.

Cassy said...

Those are very good projects. Keep it up!

Cassy from Best Online Guitar Lessons

Nancy McCarroll said...

Those butterflies and flowers look good enough to eat! I first thought that the butterfly at the heading of the post was a cookie. Lovely times and pictures.

Julie said...

We crossed the state for some Gulf-side fun! Just spent the weekend, but it was fun to see Sarasota, Florida. Drove through some keys over there as well...beautiful area!!!

Love what you did to the chandalier!!! So cute and unique. She is gonna LOVE it!!! Have a lot more fun on vacation!!!

BeautifulDees said...

Love your darling butterflies...and the lamp look's divine. We have had alot of rain here in Utah.
Love your blog.

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