Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada...Happy 4th of July...Happy Family Get Together..and More Birthdays

Lots of Happy Happy this weekend starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Marc's Birthday.  Happy Birthday to MY bunny..*hugs* (thats what we call each other).   We are both off work tomorrow and I'll get up bright and early and drive to the cottage in NY.  Can't wait.  I will take him out for dinner....just the 2 of us to our favourite local Village Inn Restaurant.

On Friday is July 1st is Canada'a Birthday!  Happy Birthday Canada!

We are having a family reunion weekend at the cottage.  My sons and their families will come on Friday along with Marc's Janet and family, and Marc's brothers children (who are big like mine).  The "kids" will be pitching tents alongside each other which sound like fun.

Saturday we'll have more family drop in  for a bbq  so we like everyone else will hope for gooood weather.  *crossing my fingers*

Sunday is Austin's 6th birthday and a week Sunday is Madeline's 7th birthday so we are celebrating more Happy Birthdays.  Happy Birthday my sweet little ones.  I made a pinata!  I have been making it most of the week but haven't had a chance to take a pic of it since I finally finished it tonight.  I will share it with you next week.  I have all kinds of goodies to put in it and I hope it holds up!

Monday is July 4th and that is another Happy Celebration!  We'll be sure to have fireworks for the 2 holidays on Saturday night  It does sound like a lot to be happy about.

Ryan has been working hard at trying to get our deck finished for the weekend.  He hasn't had too much free time to build but has taken some vacation time.  I hope he meets his goal even for his sake.  He has been trying to do this for Marc.  Thank you Ryan.

Have a wonderful weekend to my Canadian and American friends as we celebrate special holidays...*hugs*


Julie said...

Have a fabulous holiday and multi-birthday weekend!!!!! Sounds like a load of fun. I hope you can get some pics of your pinata in action!!! I just found out I am off three days for the holiday, so am looking forward to relaxing some. :)

Lindsay-ann said...

It sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend. Happy birthay to Canada and everyone! Hope the deck gets finished and you cam all enjoy it.

Libby said...

Lot's of fun, food and family! Enjoy!

Theresa said...

Well you all are having lots of celebrations! Happy Birthday to your Marc:) Have a happy and safe weekend! HUGS!

JudiB said...

Thanks for dropping in to see my blog Judi..great name by the way..LOL
Have a great weekend with your family. Sounds like it won't be Gotta love family.
Your cottage looks/sounds like a great family spot..enjoy.

Happy Canada Day..and 4th

pchickki said...

Have a fantastic Happy weekend Judi :)

Nancy McCarroll said...

Hope your weekend is fun and loving and relaxing. Happy birthdays to all, including Canada!

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