Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baking and Planting at the Cottage...

We had a busy and very productive weekend at the cottage.  We baked a wonderful "No Knead"  whole wheat 7 grain bread but I forgot to take pictures.  While I put together our roast beef dinner into the oven,  Marc baked a beautiful apple pie.

We rolled the leftover dough thin and brushed the pieces with melted butter and sprinkled over mixture of cinnamon and white sugar.  After baking them for about 20 minutes they came out a lovely golden colour.  We had a little snack dipping them into strawberry preserves.  Very yum. 
 We put up a new hanging plant "Million Bell" the front door as we do each spring.
and planted herbs and flowers in the wheelbarrow.  I love having plants in it.  It is so mobile I can move it in or out of too much sun or rain and it can be wheeled to where we want to see it best.  We have really been using fresh herbs this winter so we're excited to grow our own.
I widened the little flower garden by the shed and  Marc dug up an old rose bush which we replaced with a  pink peony bush.  I forgot to take pictures of that AND I made new bird pillows last week for the cottage and forgot to take a picture of them too.  I will do that next weekend.

It was to be a wet kind of weekend but it turned out only to look like rain and thunder rumbled but we were able to do some planting...finally.  Now you can see how late we are around here (the unseasonal coolness and excessive rains didn't help) and how short our spring/summer growing season is to where so many of you live. 
It was a fun weekend...hope yours was fun too... Judi xoxo 


Theresa said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Happy to see you are enjoying it, baking and planting:) HUGS!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely weekend,,

Julie said...

Marc is amazing in a kitchen!!! That pie looks soooooo good! I have been craving a cherry one lately! Your wheelbarrow looks so cute with plants inside!!! I would love to see your peony bush...never have seen one before, I don't believe!!!

C'est moi Claudette said...

WOW nice pie Marc!! Judy, you know what we call those left over pieces of dough? Pet de soeur, sister's farts. I know sounds funny in English, but they were the best part of the pie, lol.
It's been so so rainy here too, unbelievable. We swam once in our pool. I managed to paint a few things outside, and tend to one out of 7 gardens. YUCKY... but the rest of the week looks promising.
Thanks for coming by and saying hi.
Have a great summer, I hope ; )
Love Claudie
P.S. A peonie bush YEAH!

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