Monday, February 21, 2011

Black and White On a Brisk Family Day Walk

Wiarton Willie our groundhog didn't see his shadow a couple of weeks ago so I'm eagerly waiting for spring! Today was a lovely sunny day a perfect day for Family Day but it was quite cold. I didn't actually spend the day with family it was still a nice one. This is the 4th Canada's Family Day holiday which coincides with the American President's Day. Marc and I had a nice long weekend.

This afternoon I went for a brisk walk. It was a brisk walk on a brisk cold kind of day with the temperature at 8F. There was a cold breeze but it really felt good as I walked a fast pace.

I took my camera with me just in case and when I passed the little creek by my place I had to stop to take pictures. I loved the contrast in the black water and the white snow.

I noticed the white tufts of snow on the rocks and the fast movement of the water...

I zoomed in on the little water falls and listened to the sound of the trickling water.

When I got home my cheeks were nice and red. I made myself a hot cup of green tea and enjoyed a slice of my banana date nut loaf. Yum!

Tonight its going down to 1F with the windchill making it seem more like -14F. Did I say I am eagerly waiting for spring? I hope you are having some nice weather... Judi xoxo


Hazel said...

I'm with you ,I've had enough of this cold weather and snow .Isn't Wiarton Willie the one they didn't take outside this year because the weather was so bad ?I'm so ready for spring .

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful photos but boy is it cold where you are! I cannot wait for spring to get here!

Marilyn said...

My goodness, that is cold. We have only gotten down to 7 as our lowest and I don't go outside at all. We are 34 right now but suppose to be in the 60s. We just need some sunshine. It has been dreary for days. I am glad you got out for a brisk walk. You are hardy. Enjoy your week.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, gorgeous pictures of you chilly walk! I am trying to get back into walking, it feels really good to get out and get some exercise!

We have really had nice weather here in the South but it is cooling down a little!

Enjoy your day dear Judi! BIG HUGS!

Libby said...

Oh Judi! What beautiful pictures! We are on Winter Break from school but it feels more like Spring Break..we are in the 70's and sunny all week..a chance of storms though on Friday!

I love the idea of Family Day! Sounds like a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, I did enjoy my tiny walk with you! I know you're waiting for Spring. It's already nice here but I'm lazy and not getting out into the yard to get my flower beds ready! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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