Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Camera....Christmas is Brewing Around...

Our Thanksgiving was a lovely time shared with our friends. The evening was lovely the food delicious and we spent the night. We packed up a yummy lunch and took a drive with them the next day to a little town that had a farmer's market and cute stores. It helped us get into the Christmas spirit. I hope your Thanksgiving was special too.

On that special weekend I forgot my camera at their place. This weekend I am driving to the cottage in the States where Marc and I will be going to our friend's annual Christmas Party. Sometimes they have 70 people. Its potluck and we're not entirely sure what we'll be taking. On the drive back I pass my girlfriend's house and will pick up the camera.

This has continued to be a very busy week...isn't it always this time of year? I hope you have all been well and enjoying setting up Christmas. Mine will be set up next week.

Have a great week! Judi xoxo


Theresa said...

I am getting it done around my house, just slowly:) Hope you enjoy your time with friends this weekend! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Marilyn said...

Your thanksgiving sounds nice and the party will be fun. I know you miss your camera but at least you can get it on your way home from the party. It is so busy this time of year. Enjoy.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Hope you have a fun party at your friends--I'm sure you must miss your camera terribly!

Julie said...

You are always so busy and having so much fun, Judi! Goodness...if I could only have so much fun!!! LOL. I wanted to tell you that I visited Iowa once in winter when it snowed. I don't remember it being Christmas...but I do remember being absolutely miserable. I cried and wanted to come home after one day was so cold, my lips chapped, you had to put on so many layers and items of clothing (which you know after living in south Florida my whole life I was not used to). I know I could never live where it snows, and I have no wish to visit either. I am a BIG BABY!!! LOL. I did, however, enjoy hot chocolate by the fire, and indoor games, and reading, etc...if I had never had to leave the house, I would have LOVED it!!!
Love ya...Julie

♥ Kathy said...

aw I'm so glad you had/are having fun Judi! *big hugs*

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Judi,
I hope you had a great time at the potluck party. What did you end up taking?
I have been busy around the house. Last week I started redecorating our upstairs hallway and stairway. I have been painting the ceiling, the walls, woodwork, light fixtures, door chime covers and sanding, staining and urethaning the banister. Up and down the stairs and up and down the ladder. I tell ya, my butt sure is getting toned up!!! LOL!!
I'll be posting the transformation next week.
I'll start Christmas decorating when the hall/stairway is completed...hopefully by Thursday!!
Pop over to my blog and check out one of my favorite Belleville stores.
Merry Christmas Judi!!!
Love and warm hugs, Laura
p.s. I went back to work and then quit!!! You can read about that experience on my blog. L.

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