Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sad News About Roanin, Sweet Granddoggy

Today we're sad about puppy Roanin...and I feel badly for Geoff and his little family too.

My sweet little Roanin granddoggy went to heaven on Friday. He was sick. I'm feeling too badly to post with his sweet picture today. But if you look a few posts back you can see a happier day and pictures about him.

At that time we knew he wasn't feeling so good. He was only 4 months old. Roanin was not eating well and seemed not to be feeling good. Visits to 2 vets revealed he had a degenerative bone disease in his jaw which caused swelling and soreness. He didn't want to eat....or run around happy as puppies do.

Geoff was trying antibiotics which were giving him bouts of relief and making him happy. There was a chance that after this regime he might outgrow it at a year old...or then he would have to be put down. A horrible diagnosis. But there was a chance and they were willing to give it a try. They loved the little one already. He was so good.

Last week there were further complications and they had to make a very difficult decision. On Friday he went to puppy heaven. It was a very very difficult time.

It makes me very saddened to think this little puppy didn't have a chance...and this lovely little one was taken away from Geoff and Kiley. They wanted him so badly. It was only a month to the exact day....

Hopefully in the spring when there will be a new litter they will be ready to choose another puppy from that breeder. That goes along with the purchase guarantee. Hopefully he will be a happy AND healthy puppy. It will seem an extra long wait until we remember Roanin.

Give your fur babies extra loves today... Judi xoxo
Update: I wanted to add an update to this post further to Claudie's comment and concern. Roanin's breeder is supposed to be reputable and his mom and dad are champion Dobermans. Geoff and Kiley visited the place before the pups were born and at that time had put their name in for a male. They chose Roanin when he was bigger and could decide on his apparent temperament and disposition. Their website gives lots of pictures and information as well. Because he was a Purebred they had a guarantee such as in Roanin's case. I haven't discussed it with Geoff now but I think he doesn't feel its to do with the breeder. Its always difficult.


Theresa said...

Oh Judi, I am so sorry! I know that your whole family is really sad and I am sending you a ginormous Ganky HUG! Love you all!

♥ Kathy said...

Oh no! :( this just breaks my heart..I'm going to pet my Peaches now :( I know how quickly you become attached to least I do and I am so sorry that Roanin's life was so short.

claudie said...

OH Judi, this is a very sad post. I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sorry for your family.
Probably none of my business, but why would they get another pup from the same breeder? Obviously something is wrong with the pups they are breeding. Very common with breeders. If they were great breeders, they wouldn't have had this problem. I have dealt with breeders that just "breed" for the money. They will always give you first pick of the "next" litter, and will never give you money back.
I hope Roanins family has really looked into this. Four months is just not normal to be in puppy heaven.
Had to say it, sorry.
Love the grandkids sayings and your Halloween posts.
Love from Ottawa

Libby said...

Oh Judi! How sad! These little animals become parts of our families so quickly don't they?! Sending good thoughts to yur sweet family!!


Sending you huge HUGS!!! I am so sorry. I would be so very sad to lose our little puppy, Sweet Pea and can only image how you all are feeling.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Judi! I'm so sorry to hear this about the sweet little puppy. I know many hearts are breaking. My prayers go out to the family and hopefully soon another healthy little puppy will come into their lives.
Shelia ;)

Marilyn said...

Ah, Judi, that is just so sad. Poor little guy and the poor family that loves him. So sorry.

Happy walker said...

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pchickki said...

Sorry to hear such bad news.
How very sad :(
God bless you and your family

Julie said...

I am so sorry, never would have known from the pics you had posted. So sad. I will give my Doozey and everyone I know extra, extra love tomorrow and forever, I hope! Give my condolences to Geoff and family too!

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