Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growler Lake - Fall's Beauty

My SIL Carol built a beautiful cottage this summer on Growler Lake in Ontario. I have not seen it in person but will share some pictures of it when I get some! Its lovely.

Lovely too are the last pictures of this Fall. We've had some rain and lots of wind off and on the past week. Most of the leaves are standing bare trying to cling to their clothes of colour. Now thats poetic I think. Anyway...enjoy.....

Their property is graded as you can tell as it overlooks the water below. They have 2 docks and acres and acres of wooded property behind them.

It is on a private gated lake and all the cottages and people owning them have an amazing Cottage Association.

Wouldn't this be a lovely spot to spend some quiet time even in the fall away from all the hustle and bustle of a busy week?
I hope you have some special time for yourself this weekend....or if thats not what you want in a weekend hope its wild and exciting....BOOOOO....Happy Hallowe'en Judi xoxo


Libby said...

Sorry, no makeup advice here! Those are beautiful pics! Fall is such a wonderful time of year!

Marilyn said...

Hi Judi! That is a beautiful place and would be a great way to unwind from a busy week. I can't wait for you to see the cottage. I hope you are enjoying the week. We are getting cooler. It is actually suppose to be in the 30s for lows later in the week. Take care.

Theresa said...

Oh how beautiful! Let's surprise them and go for a visit:) hehe!

Can't wait to see more pictures!


♥ Kathy said...

Oh, I think that is so gorgeous! I would love to escape there :)

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Judi,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been back to work for two days now. I am doing the complete hospital orientation this week followed by two weeks of orientation to my unit CSU...Cardiac Sciences Unit. I will then have 10 buddy shifts where I will quickly go from having help from my RN buddy to taking the reins and trotting off to independence. I will be caring for patients who have had a heart attack, are HAVING heart attacks, after they have had an angiogram in one area of the unit, then looking after patients who have had coronary artery bypass surgery and /or valve replacement surgery in the other area of the unit. It is a critical care unit so is busy and interesting. I'll probably be too busy studying to post on my blog, but keep checking 'cuz I have ripped out the carpet in my daughters old room and am going to paint and make it into my sewing room and guest room.
I loved your pics of the lake. They are exquisite!!
Take care, sweetie!
Love and hugs, Laura

Julie said...

Oh, how gorgeous!!! Yes, I wish I had a place there! Too cold for me though, but I can always dream!!! The fall leaves are so pretty...and I love a fireplace on a chilly day/night! She will have one, I'm sure! Can't wait to see pics of the cottage!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Judi
It would be my dream to live somewhere like that. It looks so perfect and the colors are stunning. Your SIL is so very lucky. I look forward to seeing pictures of her cottage when you get them.

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