Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baking Is in the Fall Air....Can you Just Smell It?

It was a lovely weekend at the cottage. Though the temps started at 46F when we got up Saturday morning it quickly warmed up to 63F and it was so sunny.

The air felt "fallish" and Marc suggested we should make something. We took our list to Rush's Market where it is definately decorated for fall. I bought some gourds for Thanksgiving. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is the weekend of October 9th...then we'll keep them for the American Thanksgiving in November.

We came home and made cabbage rolls....getting ready for the oven...
out of the oven...

and ready to eat and do you know they were way toooo delicious! Marc added some stewed tomatoes with green chillies to the sauce so they had a bit of heat to them. I'm so happy we have leftovers....

We baked a pie with the crispy Courtney and Mac apples.... Marc cored and cut them up (while I was next door looking at wonderful aprons a neighbour had made - wish I had pictures to share). I did the apple mix and Marc sealed and decorated the top! Didn't he do a delicious job????

Good team effort and it IS so delicous. We shared with Bob and Georgia...and again I'm glad we have leftovers. :o)

Georgia our neighbour gave a bag of wonderful wholewheat buns. We sliced a couple of little yellow tomatoes from their garden.....

and had "sliders". Perfect accompanionment to our fall dinner.

What do you enjoy making for fall dinners? Do you like cabbage and if so what is your favourite way to prepare it?
Hope your weekend has been a lovely one.. Judi xoxo


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Judi,
I am ready for fall cooking!! I have already made meatloaf, pot roast and homemade soup!!
I prefer to make cabbage roll casserole. I layer the precooked cabbage with the meat and rice mixture and tomato sauce (I usually use left over spaghetti sauce)On the top I sprinkle a mixture of shredded mozzarella, medium cheddar, parmesan and garlic powder and bake until the top is crunchy and brown. Yummy!!
I will be making a peach and ginger pie tomorrow.
Oh...I am soo snookered. Tonight is going to be an early night!!

Libby said...

Oh My Gosh!!! Those cabbage rolls look WONDERFUL!! as does the pie! My daughter and I love cabbage. We usually just cook it with olive oil, a little cider vinegar and brown sugar.

Theresa said...

I LOVE cabbage Judi but have NEVER tried the cabbage rolls! I bet that I would love them! They look OH SO yummy!

I usually steam cabbage with smoked sausage! I love it but would like to try something different!

Enjoy your evening! HUGS!


That pie looks wonderful! Some of my fall favorites..beef stew, beef chili and good old tomato soup and grilled cheese.
Not big on cabbage..
deb :)

Julie said...

Oh, gosh those cabbage rolls looked so goooood!!! My friend taught me a light way to make them by pouring a jar of V8 Juice over top before baking, and I have really enjoyed that method...although I think next time I will try the Spicy V8!

Your apple pie must have been devine! A better looking crust I've never seen!!!

How sweet and delish to make those little sliders from the buns your friends gave you!

The cottage get-aways sound so great. I wish I had a cottage too!!! Makes such a difference to get away somewhere to relax. Great fun, especially with such great neighbors as you have there!!!

Julie said...

P.S. It felt really fallish here today too...breezy and drier cooler air. We thought we were in heaven! :)

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