Saturday, August 28, 2010

PINK Saturday.... Pink Lady New Location

Happy PINK Saturday to Beverly at HowSweetTheSound our gracious host, to you and to all the other PINK Participants. Be sure to click and visit all the other lovely PINKnesses..

I'm showing you again my PINK Lady picture. I posted about the Blue Boy and PINK Lady here before if you missed it.

This beautifully embroidered pair was made by my mom's closest friend years ago and left to me. Originally they were over my sofa.....while Abby liked them there I really didn't.

Now they grace the walls in a little corner of my livingroom. I'm enjoying them much better here. It makes a pretty vignette I think....this very special couple.

My bestest girlfriend Kirsti and her hubby Peter are coming over to the cottage this morning from Oakville, from my side, in Canada for the day and staying overnight. I know we'll have fun.

I hope your weekend will be fun too... have a lovely PINK Saturday...Judi xoxo


Marilyn said...

Well, you and Abbey both have good eyes for decor. I do like what you did with those beautiful pictures though. I know you will enjoy the visit with your friends. Have fun!

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous...what a great gift!

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Connie said...

Happy pink saturday, my Canadian friend.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Judi Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today and what gorgeous eyes for decor you have.

I love what you did with these beautiful pictures. Just the right touch in just the right place.

Have a glorious visit with your dear friend. It is always nice to have visitors.

Please stop by and leave a comment on my blog as well. I am part of the Miracle Team and for all comments left on my blog Guideposts Magazine is donating $1.00 towards the next miracle makeover. I am dreaming BIG, I would like to make enough money for the next DOZEN miracle makeovers. I look forward to seeing you at Country Wings in Phoenix.

Many hugs sweetie, Sherry

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Susan. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special.

Your Pinkie and Blue Boy are absolutely exquisite. What talent and patience to make these pieces. I love them in both places. I just love them.♥

LV said...

A very nice and sweet post for today. Thank you for sharing.

Julie said...

Love your new picture placement! I know you will have fun with your friends, too,'s just how you roll, girl!!!
xoxo- Julie

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Greetings Judi,
Your Pink Lady and Blue Boy needlepoints are exquisite!! I have PL and BB needlepoints also, but they are not as detailed or elaborate as yours. They are real treasures. I agree that they look much better in their new home.
I hope you are having a great weekend! Happy Pink Saturday!
Warm hugs, Laura
p.s. I live near Belleville, so we are neighbours!!!

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Judi,
Is it the Moira River by chance? I have a cottage on the Moira, but it is south of Tweed.
I actually live north of Belleville. I went to school in Tweed (way back at the dawn of time!!) Maybe we can get together some day.
Hugs, Laura.

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