Friday, April 30, 2010

Homemade Pumpkin Loaf and Chipotle Raspberry Jam - Just like That!

So do you want to know what it is I made the other night?

A large pumpkin loaf and 2 baby ones that are sitting on an English Rabbit tray.
and to go with it I made Chipotle Raspberry Jam...
Tonight I sliced up some pumpkin loaf, spread cream cheese on it and then spread the Chipotle Raspberry Jam over. Yum. Thats how our friends served some for us a couple of weeks ago.
I enjoyed that with a nice cup of tea....
Now...the recipe I found online had chipotle chillies in Adoba sauce. We don't really know that sauce around here but I decided to try it. I now know that is not my most favourite flavour...the adoba flavour. I don't like mesquite smoky types of flavours. Fortunately the raspberries sort of add a twist to the adoba sauce and I will be able to eat the jam. Because I was afraid of the adoba flavour I didn't add very much and there isn't the kick I was looking for.

I was entirely surprised however that the jam set with the variation I did to the original raspberry recipe in the package of Certo (I think in the states you use SureJel or Pectin) and the recipe I found online. Jam cooking usually requires exact sugar...exact timing or they become runny...or get crystally. This turned out so well. Go figure. I also didn't know you could make raspberry jam with frozen raspberries.

I used a large package of frozen raspberries (the kind frozen without syrup). That was enough to make 4 small jars. Because the package had 1/2 the raspberries the Certo - Pectin recipe called
for I used only 1/2 the package of Certo and obviously 1/2 the amount of sugar.
In the end this is how I made the Chipotle Raspberry Jam:

1 large package thawed frozen raspberries, (the kind without syrup) (mashed about 2.5 cups)1 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp chipotle chillies in adobe sauce
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
3.5 cups white sugar (this was for half the original recipe from the Certo package instructions)
1/2 package of Certo (SureJel or Pectin) for making jam

In a bowl I mixed the garlic, chipotle and red wine vinegar. With a knife and fork I cut up the chipotle into small pieces.
I added the chipotle mixture to the big pot along with the raspberries and then just followed the instructions on how to make cooked raspberry jam. AND it set...wonder of wonders. I intend to try it again another time but using just chipotle or jaloepena peppers.
So. For Mother's Day I will add one of these little pumpkin loaves (which went in the freezer for now) packaged in cello and pretty ribbon and a Chipotle Raspberry Jam along with Bonnie Violet(from my Sylvia African Violet)
Hope you have a razzly dazzly happy day...Judi xoxo


Marilyn said...

The jam sounds very unusual but good. We love chipotle.

Connie said...

Yuuuuuummmmmm, sugar!

Darlene said...

I absolutely LOVE pumpkin loafs!! Glad you liked the jam with it. Hope you are having some beautiful weather.♥

Theresa said...

Yummy, I am printing this out to try:) Thanks my friend! HUGS!

Julie said...

Your post has made me razzly dazzly happy!!! Wow...looks and sounds delicious, Judi!!!

SmilingSally said...

What a wonderful gift for Mother's Day.

Lynn Cohen said...

looks delicious!!!!!!!!!

Lorrie said...

I love pumpkin bread Judi, but I've never heard of Chipotle Jam. With your cup of tea it looks like a delicious breakfast, or a great snack.

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