Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coffee War - McDonalds vs Tim Hortons

McDonalds is having an all out war with Tim Horton's Coffee from March 1st to the 14th giving away small cups of coffee FREE all day. No purchase necessary. Their new coffee is just delicious and good competition against Tim Horton's. Tim Horton's coffee shops are almost at every corner around here and they have expanded into parts of U.S. including New York State. On Wednesday morning Country Style Coffee will join in and give free medium coffees.

Tim Hortons is the coffee chosen by many for that daily cup or two or three....every day. During the next 2 weeks they have their Roll Up The Rim to Win program. One could win a Rav-4 SUV all the way down to a donut. IF you could win. It annoys me that all the faithful Tim Horton coffee drinkers have very minimal chances of winning even one coffee. One would think such a large company monopolizing coffee drinkers would be more generous to their customers.

Meanwhile I think McDonald's is a great choice especially during this first 2 weeks in March. A cup of coffee at Tim Hortons is about $1.50 a cup. Three cups a day adds up to $4.50 so for a 5 day work week x 2 weeks its worth saving $45 and savouring the yummy free coffee at McDonalds. Maybe this delicious generousity at McDonalds will earn them new coffee drinkers!

I do love my morning coffee but its not Tim Horton's.
In the United States I hear many people loving Dunkin' Donuts Coffee....
What coffee do you enjoy most?
Judi xoxo


My Cottage Charm said...

I don't think I should be drinking coffee........I'm up at 4 in the morning cause I can't sleep....whatever would I be like if I drank coffee! LOL
I just wanted to invite you over to my blog for a party! :) I'm having my first ever Treasure Trove Thursday and thought you might like to put in a link to something you love!

Theresa said...

Maxwell House Master Blend sitting on my sofa reading blogs:) I only drink coffee first thing in the morning and seldom ever drink coffee outside the home. It sounds like they are really having a contest to win over the coffee drinkers but I'm with you on choosing the free one! Have a blessed day dear Judi!

Marilyn said...

Hey Judi! How are you? Neither Mike nor I drink coffee. Never have. But I LOVE McD's iced tea. They have the best anywhere. I think I am going to survive. Really, it's been bad this time around but today I feel pretty strong. There is hope. Have a great day, I hope the sun is shining there. M

Hazel said...

DH was a big Timmies fan till last year when McDonald changed their coffee blend .He says its as good as Tim Horton's .

♥ Kathy said...

I like MY coffee best lol I've never heard of Tim Horton' it good? I'm just a Maxwell House girl :D

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Judi,
I wonder if that war is going on here down under?
I love most coffee's, drink it up until 3pm then move onto Nescafe, De Caf.
My dh (dear hubby) was having heart palpitations so had to cut down on coffee.
Have a great weekend and enjoy all that free coffee for the next fortnight.

Julie said...

McDonalds "Mc Cafe" coffee is quite good. My fav here in Florida though, is definately Dunkin Donuts!!!

Anonymous said...

I was a Tim's coffee for years. But one day my hubbie said, I needed to try the McDonald's coffee. And it was the same tasting as Tim's, but the cheaper. I can get a Large DD, which is the same as Tim's ExLarge DD, plus a muffin for only $1.88 (tax included). This is a really great deal.

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