Tuesday, February 9, 2010

200th Post - New Mosaic Project

I almost missed announcing my 200th Post! I only realized tonight I'm at Post 202. Ironically the big number was on Sunday's post the day I was announcing my Giveaway Winner. Thank you to my lovely blogging circle of friends for staying with me as I've shared a bit of my circle of life. And in like I've met so many wonderful ladies who have shared with me, with us all and I have learned so much.


I have been breaking china like mad and them adhesiving (is that even a word?) those little
pieces onto wooden trays and silver trays and tonight a birdhouse. The first project wasn't so
much fun because it was rather scarey. The second one I enjoyed a little more but was this really for me? I've made yet another project and I am so loving this. Someone told me I was going to get addicted. I did. HOLD on to your china ladies I may be sneaking by checking out yours.

This is the birdhouse I started working on tonight and I have a lot more to do to complete it. It is amazing how the china takes on the character of the piece...or is it vice versa. It begins to look different... now did I mean the china or the birdhouse? It'll be fun to see how it is once I'm done.

I hope you have a fun day today... Judi xoxo


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi! Oh, your birdhouse is looking so pretty! I'll bet this is fun although I think I'd have a hard time breaking the china! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)
Congratulations on you 202 post!

Darlene said...

Congratulations on your 200+ posts!! I love how your beautiful mosaic birdhouse is coming out. I bet once you got over the fear of it, it IS fun!! Hope you are enjoying your evening.♥

Darlene said...

I went back and found your post about the mosaic tray. I somehow missed it. BEAUTIFUL is all I can say. Sooooo, is a mosaic tutorial in the works for us????? Inquiring minds would like to know....lol.♥

Julie said...

this is so pretty, judi!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Judi,
This birdhouse already looks awesome.
What colour grout will you use?
Looking forward to seeing the finished piece of art.

Theresa said...

STEP AWAY FROM THE CHINA:) Lovely birdhouse and you are becoming addicted I do believe. Wonderful creations with broken china, go figure. Hugs from Georgia!

Judi said...

Thank you for leaving me your kind comments. :o) What colour Grout Anna was asking for this project? Great! That brings me to what I'd been thinking about.

I have only used white so far. Its neutral and it will take a while to get through the box and I didn't know how far I'd go with this project ;o)

Maybe green would be good...or pink? or blue for another day? It would be nice if the grout boxes came in smaller sizes...

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Judi; Congratulations on your 200th post... I love your bird house,, it is going to be so gorgeous when you finish it... can't wait to see it... I love to do Mosaic's too,, and yes it is additive..lol have fun...


pchickki said...

Congratulations on your 220th Post! And many more!!!

The birdhouse is adorable.

Love your blog!

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