Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are Women Born This Way...the Cord and Mr. Flower Pot

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You must watch this little dear little one on the video. She has certainly been born with much to say..*lol*. If that is her daddy then he is going to have lots more listening to do. It is so cute and makes you wonder... "Are Women Born This Way?"..*s*..


Update - guess what I found the cord to transfer pics from my camera. Thank goodness! I came home on Thursday with all kinds of bags from work. Sometimes I haul all kinds of stuff around with me.

Anyway I couldn't find that cord in anything I'd hauled home. I wasn't too concerned initially because I was certain I would find it at work on Monday but it wasn't there. After work on Monday I raked all over this place and then I remembered a bag where I keep some of the goodies I make. I'd forgotten I'd brought a plastic bag to work with a couple of the new bags I've made and I'd slipped it in there. So I'm good now.

I only do have one picture to share from the weekend so I'll share it. Isn't it kind of neat. They were selling it at a garden centre by the cottage. It cost $49.99. I didn't buy it but my mind started working on that one.....
Have a lovely day... Judi xoxo


Julie said...

That video is hilarious! LOLOL! I am going to send it along to my DIL...she will love it!

Glad you found your cord!!!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Great video! So glad you found that cord. Cute potman. You could definitely make one!

Neabear said...

That video had me laugh so much I had tears rolling down my cheeks. It is priceless for sure.

That pothead is really cute. So to drill holes in it without breaking the pottery. Never tried that. Have you?

Amelia said...

Cute potman! How easy would that be to make? :) Hmmmmm....I bet I know some one who would try to replicate it :) Have a good day...glad you got your chord back!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Judi! I'm crying! This video is just hilarious! What a little cutie with so much to say! LOL
Glad you found your cord and the flour pot guy is adorable!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Judi said...

Well you know actually pots do have that little drainage hole in it so you wouldn't even have to drill any holes...sounds more simple doesn't it?
it was neat

Dawn said...

That video had me laughing. What a hoot! I'll have to share that!

I just love that planter. It's the cutest thing!

take care,

Jen said...

Hi Judi
Thanks for stopping in and commenting on my blog. :)
This terracotta planter is Cute-I'd think about it too.
My son (when he was little) made a bird bath one year out of those pots and saucers; unfortunately I left it out over the winter. :(

Neabear said...

Judi, Actually I was thinking of those holes where the arms and legs are attached to the body. I didn't think those holes were already there. But since this person made it work, it must work. I do know that some people will put masking tape where they are going to drill and that helps to keep something from shattering. If you make it let me know how it goes. Of course I could get some supplies and try making it myself too I suppose. Like I need another project to add to the ones I am already doing. If you haven't visited my craft blog lately, come visit and see what I am up to on that one. And no, I am not up to trouble. At least I hope not anyway. LOL! My head is swirling with projects these days.

Darlene said...

I have tears rolling down my face I am laughing so hard at that baby. If she is trying to talk this much now, her parents are in for it. She will never "shut" up!!!...lol

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