Friday, February 19, 2010

Mosaic Broken China Table - Need Your Help

I have been having so much fun doing my mosaic broken china pieces. I can't really stop the projects..*g*. I'll show you a cute little piece that would have been perfect for Valentine's Day but now that its past its perfect for any day. I can't show it to you until PINK Saturday.

So I am taking a jump forward and need the help from you ladies who have been painting your furniture...painting it white.

This is a thrift table I purchased last summer. I want to paint it a warm white and then I'm going to mosaic the top. I won't have the china until tomorrow but it is blue and white. hmmmmm probably a BLUE Monday post one day... *g*...

My question is can someone recommend to me a nice white paint I could use? I don't want it to be a blue white but a nice warm white. I guess I'll paint up the top and along the upper sides of the top. Then...I'll just go for it. I'm excited for this challenge.
Hope you meet your challenges today too... Judi xoxo


Theresa said...

Sweet table Judi! I don't know much about paint, so I am no help in that department:) Can't wait to see the afters! Have a blessed day!

Marilyn said...

Love, Love, L O v E that table. What a find. Now all over the blogs I read this is what is popular: Rustoleum Antique white. It is 2X so it covers twice as much or something like that. I just bought a can--it is spray paint--at home depot. I haven't tried it but it is highly recommended on blogs. Can't wait to see the table all fixed up, it will be just lovely. Hope today goes well. M

Carol said...

I would prime it first, then paint. Can't wait to see the finished table!

♥ Kathy said...

Most paint stores can match any color you want so if you can find something that is the perfect color, I'd take it in! Good luck Judi...I can't wait to see the finished project!

southerninspiration said...

Judi, a lot of people use Heirloom White, but I don't know the brand right off....Looking forward to seeing your beautiful new creation!!!


Darlene said...

Love that table Judi. I think it is going to be GORGEOUS painted white with the broken mosaic on top. I have seen many blogs talk about both the colors suggested by Marilyn and Suzanne. I bet either would be perfect.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday.♥

Laura said...

Hi Judi-
I am so glad you stopped by my blog.
Many bloggers recommend a spray paint primer and Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint.

Good luck-
I have a mosaic project to do also.
I'll be watching!


Julie Harward said...

Something nice happened to already...a kind visit from you, thanks! Love your cat Abby, just want to kiss her sweet face! Come say hi any time :D

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